Wounded warrior keeps “Gung Ho” going


A Marine veteran who helped to make the Wounded Warrior Regiment a reality is championing a new cause: a tangy steak sauce made for Marines.

Former Lt. Col. Tim Maxwell, who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in Iraq and became a spokesman for wounded Marines with similar injuries, recently announced that he was now distributing “Gung Ho” sauce through his website, SemperMax.com, in honor of the Marine who invented it.

Photo via Sempermax.com

Seamus Garrahy, a former Marine corporal from Gettysburg, Pa., became a beloved figure in his region for the “Steaks and Beers” meal events he would hold at his farm, complete with his signature sauce, for the benefit of active-duty troops. Shortly before Garrahy’s death from cancer at age 70 in Jan. 2012, he asked Maxwell and his wife, Shannon, to keep his sauce brand going.

Maxwell said he met Garrahy through Outdoor Odyssey Leadership Academy, one of the many programs Garrahy helped to support with his hearty steaks and beer.  Garrahy’s love of feeding the troops made him an area legend, Maxwell said.

“Everybody knew who he was,” he said.

Photo via gung-ho-supplies.com

Now, Maxwell distributes the sauce through the website gung-ho-supplies.com, with 100 percent of profits going to support wounded veterans and their families. Business is slow–he gets about five orders of the sauce a month–but Garrahy’s small loyal fan base is happy.

“They’re really happy it’s back,” Maxwell said. “They missed it.”

Maxwell says he hopes to give more veterans the opportunity to market their own original items, whether they be art, T-shirts, or hot sauce.

“There’s a lot of guys in every service that have things they wish they could sell,” he said. “All I want to do is help guys kick something off.”


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  2. I was not aware Mr. Garrahy has passed away. I am grateful to have been welcomed to his home when participating in the Face of America ride, as my cousin is a marine. I hope the sauce is the gift that keeps on giving in memory of Seamus and honors his efforts. Thank you for the post.

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