Corpsman saves baby bunnies at Camp Pendleton, becomes Internet star


A Navy corpsman rescued baby bunnies at Camp Pendleton, Calif., and became an Internet star after posting photographs of them on the website Reddit. (Photo from Reddit)

If you haven’t seen the photographs yet of a Navy corpsman feeding baby bunnies, it’s probably a matter of time.

A Reddit user with the handle TokyoManeater69 posted them online, and they have since gone viral after the website Buzzfeed picked up on them. Several sites have said he is a U.S. Marine, perhaps confused because he was based at Camp Pendleton, Calif. In comments on the site, however, he says he is a corpsman:

He posted a video online recently here:


On Reddit, the corpsman offered the following:

I live in Camp Pendleton, Ca. And as I was taking the volleyball court at the barracks I found a dead rabbit (fully grown). As I continued raking I found a small hole with 4 tiny tiny rabbits in it. I grabbed a box put a few old shirts into it and picked up the bunnies. I researched how to raise them and what to feed them. I made a nice box for them to live in a and bottle fed them until I could ween them to eat the local foods. After a couple months I brought them to a wild life rescue because they were starting to jump out of their box. It was a lot of hard work but I loved the bunnies…. Ill put more pics in the comments once I get them up.

Asked if he got into any trouble for raising them in his barracks room, he said:

yeah I’m in the barracks… I luckily didn’t have my room inspected once while I had them… The perks of being a Corpsman


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  1. What a sweet soul for taking those baby bunnies in. We need more people in the world like this caring guy. Kudos to you!

  2. A few yrs ago my family did the same thing! They were found at Mary Fay Pendleton elementary on base. Momma had been eaten by a hawk. We raised four and released them outside our base housing when they were ready. Loved every minute of it! Go you for being awesome

  3. people say this is being blown out of proportion, it is a simple act of kindness, but what is not so simple is the amount of people that would actually go to all of this trouble and work for something they will never benefit from other than knowing the bunnies didn’t die. I say the Corpsman deserves every bit of praise he receives.

  4. This is very touching- I hope more people can learn this sort of kindness towards animals. Now if we could start to recognize that baby piglets, chicks, and cows are just as cute….

  5. Pets are NOT authorized in the barracks. Evidence is being forwarded to your chain of command. Rest assured that disciplinary action will be taken.

  6. Gunny, chill out… Our service men and women need at least a little happiness in their daily lives while serving our country. I surely wouldn’t be a snot nose tattle tail… Nobody likes tattle tails… I could see if he was getting drunk, high, or maybe disrespecting himself or our country, but I don’t see that here. So ease up…

  7. You, my soldier, are worth your weight in gold. My husband and I love feeding sliced apples to the wild bunnies in our yard.

    God Bless You for Serving Our Country, and giving those baby bunnies a chance to survive! You are a true Hero!

  8. Thank you for serving our country, and giving those little bunnies a chance to survive! You are a true Hero in my book!


    What a wonderful thing to do.You saved those bunnies lives and you should know that your story has hit facebook on military page, veteran pages, animal pages and peoples personal facebook pages. You are a hero in 2 ways serving this country and saving the baby bunnies lives. THANK YOU.EVERY POST ON FACEBOOK ARE POSITIVE .Please let me know if you need help i saw what the person gunney posted trust me facebook animal lovers and everyone who loves this story will do what we can to help you not get in trouble .YOU DID THE RIGHT THING BY SAVING THE BUNNIES

  10. First of all…he is a sailor, not a soldier. It may just be a word and probably means nothing to most of you but it is offensive to those of us who serve to be called the names of our brethren in other branches. Navy= sailor, Army= soldier, Air Force= airman, Marine= marine.

    On a good note though, good on this kid for having a heart.

  11. HM3 (FMF) V3/8 on

    What do you mean the “Perks of being a Corpsman!” Dumbass! Now your asking for it, in the event some deranged Gunny starts posting this shit around Pendleton, to can your ass. I Hope that if you can place them securely in a coffin rack or closet (if you hear them coming by), just until those bastards leave. Also be mindful of *hint hint* surprise inspections, health and comforts.


    HM3 , apparently you havent read everything. the rabbits are now at a rabbit rescue NOT IN THE BARRACKS

  13. Kyle Walcott on

    Tell you what Darcy, wherever those rabbits are, the fact remains, they once existed there…Damn, looks like some frickin’ Gunny has already caught wind of it too. Matter of time now…

  14. its hard work to feed bunnies….they need to eat often. I dont think its blown out of proportion…not too many would of done it. Cudos buddy!

  15. I mean, if the military wants even more bad press, then they’ll try doing something to this Corpsman. I honestly don’t think they will ’cause the media would have a field-day with it. Great on the guy for doing all of that.

  16. desert storm vet on

    First of all, let me say Good Job Sailor for having a heart of gold! Secondly, if anyone said they never broke the rules in the barracks in any way is lying. We all have, from music noise to bunnies to well we wont mention other things sneaked in. So stop judging so harshly. It was not illegal narc for pete’s sake people, they are bunnies! And there were others that knew too, there are NO secrets in the barracks. SO CHILL!!!!!

  17. usmcbadass69 on

    i once brought a thai hooker on ship during deployment, kept her locked up in a closet on ship and fed her scraps from the galley and motrin.

    when we got to another country i gave her a change of socks and bid her adeu, needless to say, she was thankful but i never got praise other than that. pffft.

  18. Just FYI Gunny is most likely some LCPL trolling the website because he has nothing better to do. POG. This was an awesome story very happy he was smart enough to share with the world after the deed was done. Unfortunately if this was posted while he still had the animals they would have done something about it.

  19. Oh and get a grip with the soldier marine sailor BS they are trying to be respectful so don’t be so sensitive.

  20. Terminal Coconuts Wifey on

    Taking care of those baby bunnies was the most incredible act of kindness ever. I hope that Gunny feels ashamed of himself, I’m sure he did some things in the barracks he wasn’t supposed to. I sure as Hell know I spent quite a few nights in my hubbies room when he was in the barracks. And his superiors must have known, when I was caring for baby kittens they had to be fed every hour, there is no way he made that many “head calls” without somebody in his chain of command knowing. That poor Gunny must live by the saying “Misery loves company.”

    And @ML The guy who the story is about was the one that was saying it was all getting blown out of proportion. lol.

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  22. FormerSoldierGal on

    I think the Gunny was joking. Must Gunnery Sergeants are cool and he probably would have been told to find a place for the bunnies if he had been caught. I know it’s hard to believe, but MOST NCOs do have a heart.

  23. I think the point here is that there is precious little decency being shown in mainstream media. Stuff like this is an antidote, and maybe an impetus to be better people.

  24. To Gunny’s remark: “Pets are NOT authorized in the barracks. Evidence is being forwarded to your chain of command. Rest assured that disciplinary action will be taken.”

    Chill the F^&$ out GUNNY. So wonder Marines want to get out of the Corps that many of us once loved. Its because of individuals in the corps that are identical and think like you makes this organization of brotherhood not worth serving for. So go take this evidence and stick it up you know where you SOB.

    To my Sailor, keep up the good work and thank you for your service.

    Semper Fi,

    Cpl Maldo

  25. Cpl DB Chris on

    so…I’m reading through the comments…and I get to the one about the Thai hooker…and now…the dog is upset because he’s been showered with beer…

    And Doc — good on you!

  26. Kudos to you for saving those little ones. I have a little bunny that lives in my front yard, I feed it every day, as well as the raccoons in my backyard. Our society keeps building and doing away with their natural habitat. We have to be compassionate. Blessings for your kindness

  27. Corpsman are a different breed of Human. The Humanitarian of the Corps and the most underappreciated in the Navy. We love our Corpsman!!!!

  28. Corpsman are a special breed of human: brave enough to go into combat, and strong enough to save a bunch of baby bunnies.

  29. I am a licensed rehabber who primarily focuses on these adorable cottontails.Here is an important ‘heads-up for you’ Around 3 weeks of age their fear of humans WILL kick in. (even if you’ve hand raised them from their first breath. Cottontails are very different then domestic bunnies. They view their world as “everything wants to eat me”) It is important to understand that fear and respect it otherwise you risk these little ones having a heart attack. When they are bouncing off the walls of their cage, release them. It is very easy to loose a rabbit to a heart attack simply by holding them on to them to long.

  30. You are AWESOME superman & friends! I love your story. Yes you do gave a huge heart. Those bunnies think about you all the time, no doubt. And, if you are ever interested on a custom painting of you with the bunnies, let me know. I can help. Good day! 🙂

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