Marine involved in “Real Housewives” controversy speaks out, says TV edits were one-sided


A Marine who appears on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” is under fire from civilians and other service members following his behavior towards one of the star’s mother’s during Monday’s season finale — but he said there’s more to the story than what made the TV edits.

Staff Sgt. Ryan Culberson, a joint terminal attack controller with 11th Marines, out of Camp Pendleton, Calif., is currently deployed to Afghanistan on his fourth tour. Culberson married his wife, Briana, in 2012. She is the daughter of “Real Housewives” star Vicki Gunvalson, who just wrapped up her eighth season of the Bravo reality TV show. Culberson has appeared on the show for the past two seasons.

Staff Sgt. Ryan Culberson, walks down the aisle with his wife, Briana, during their May 2012 wedding. Culberson is under fire for comments he made during a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” on which his mother-in-law, Vicki Gunvalson, stars. (Courtesy of Ryan Culberson)

But his appearance on the show’s season finale that aired on Monday has left him the subject of a heated debate. Some say his behavior brought discredit on the Marine Corps. Others say blaming him for the way he acted is a double standard, since the “housewives” on the show are regularly yelling at each other and calling each other names.

The incident in question occurred after the mother of one of the housewives, Judy Stirling, approached Gunvalson during a party at her house to tell her that her son-in-law threatened to kick her out. She said he was angry that she rested her feet on the couch and “went off” on her.

But Culberson said Bravo’s edits didn’t show the full story.

“There was so much more … that led up to that incident which they fail to include to make me look like the crazy Marine,” Culberson told Marine Corps Times via email. “It definitely was a crazy night and I cannot get over how the producers edited it.”

Culberson said he went as far as to get the family lawyers involved in order to persuade Bravo into showing a more realistic version of what went down.

“But due to the contract, anything we say or do can be cut a represented they way they want,” he said.

Still, some Marines have said Culberson should never have acted the way he did on camera. And Culberson agreed, saying he has some regrets about what happened that night.

“I said somethings in the heat of the moment that I wish I hadn’t,” he said. “But if the true story had of been painted it would be a lot more justified.”

Staff Sgt. Ryan Culberson married into the “Real Housewives of Orange County” family last year. Culberson’s wife, Briana, right, is the daughter of Vicki Gunvalson, left. (Courtesy of Ryan Culberson)

Gunvalson told Marine Corps Times that she wasn’t there to see what happened between her son-in-law and Stirling, but said the show only depicted Ryan’s reaction, and not what led up to it.

“What Ryan did tell me when the cameras were off is she was very rude and disrespectful to him when he asked her several times to remove her feet off my sofa and the red wine she was holding,” she said. “Although I can’t defend or condone how he acted because I wasn’t there at the time, I do know Ryan is a very kind man but obviously was pushed to his limit with her.”

Culberson told Marine Corps Times last year that he tries to always be mindful of who he’s representing as a Marine featured on a reality show.

“…I think you just need to make sure you steer clear of any drama that would make you look bad or bring discredit on the Marine Corps,” Culberson said. “I think, unless it’s something positive, it’s just not a good idea. Putting anything negative out there is only going to create problems.”

More about Monday night’s episode can be viewed here.


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  1. Morgan Green on

    Coming from a military family and having seen this episode, it does not matter at all what the producers did or did not show. This man was highly aggressive, not only to that elderly woman but to other people as well. It was not his place to reprimand someone for putting their feet on furniture that was not obviously his, in a house that he is a guest in. He was clearly disrespectful. I understand sometimes there are issues in controlling emotions or maybe too much alcohol was involved. With that being said, I do not think that he represents all Marines, as the majority of them are honorable gentlemen. This guy is a douche for speaking to anyone the way he has.

  2. There have been many, many cases in these reality shows where the editing has been incredibly one sided, then a few episodes later we see what really went down and feel like chumps.

    Since when is 64 considered elderly? Sheesh.

  3. The typical “blame the editing” excuse. Bravo editors did not put the repeated F word into Ryan’s mouth. The tape doesn’t lie… he cursed out a woman for having her feet up, in a house that isn’t even his. There’s no excuse for that kind of rage. He should be a man and own up to his behavior; it was despicable.

  4. This is the exact response I would have expected from a douchebag like this. Rather than own up and apologize for his unacceptable behavior, he instead chooses the path any abuser would… place blame elsewhere and minimize his awful behavior so that he can justify it. Nobody is going to buy it. Disgusts me even further that any woman would have a part in helping to further justify his actions. There is NOTHING Judy could have done (I don’t care if she was rude or not) to justify his awful behavior. My father is a decorated Vietnam Vet, this loser is not even in the same class with any member of the Armed Forces I have ever known. Ryan is a TOTAL disgrace to our Armed Forces.

  5. Editing is not responsible for making Ryan invade a 64-year-old’s personal space in a threatening manner. Editing did not fake Ryan repeatedly calling the same woman a “bitch” and yelling at her to “get out” of a house that was not even his. This is an unstable person, who is very much NOT in control of his anger and seems on the verge of attack. This will not end well for Ryan Culberson. Someone needs to get him committed before he hurts an innocent person.

  6. Real Marine Wife on

    Get off of your high horses.. its a highly known fact that these shows edit in favor of ratings and all of you talking crap fell for it!

  7. I’m surprised the Corps even allows him to be a part of this crap. Please don’t blame being in the military or editing. You young man should have taken the high road as a gentleman and Marine! You are disgraceful and full of excuses.

  8. Free-Thinking Marine Wife on

    @Christina and @Hadley are right on! There’s nothing Bravo! could have edited out that would make Culberson’s actions anything less than disturbing. Excuses for his behavior are insidious.

  9. If anyone has doubts about this, watch the show! When he’s telling Vickie the story (on video, not audio at this point) he insists in his fury that Judy said “Who the fuck are you?”…he says this twice! The only time she used the word fuck was to ask him to stop saying that word.

    The man straight up lied about what went down and NO amount of editing could have made that lie come out of his mouth on camera.

  10. Please explain the other times he went off on Vicky and also on Brooks? Was he pushed to his limits? Is this the shitty excuse he going o use? What happens when his wife put her feet up to rest, is he going to go off on her too? Ryan ALWAYS has a shitty attitude on the show…to bad he wasn’t smart enough to think about his future ,instead of the quick money and short fame! Grow up Ryan and when you are done with the military, good luck on finding a job…I’m sure ANY POLICE DEPT will have their guard up now…stupid is what stupid does. Stay off TV and get your family their OWN place instead of living off of your MIL.

  11. He has lost all credibility since he blatantly lied about what happened, which was not edited. We all saw him yell at Vicki for trying to smooth things over. He wanted to continue to escalate the tension. Then he threatened that he was REALLY about to get angry. No editing there. Our tax dollars put weapons in the hands of a person who has such an over the top rage over a sofa?? If the sofa got soiled it would be Vicki’s problem to deal with since she owns the sofa and chose to host a large party. it would be quite unusual not to have at least one rug or sofa professionally cleaned after a party of that size, especially if the host keeps the alcohol flowing. He is a disgrace to the Marines if he has such poor control of his temper over such a trivial issue, or lacks the intelligence to deal with such a minor problem in a calm and low key manner rather than going ballistic. It is clear that speaking abusively to women is a natural reflex for this unstable young man.

  12. I’m pretty sure that those F*** YOU’S and BIT** were not dubbed in. And I didn’t see any puppet strings making his mouth move and showing aggressive threatening body language.

    Some people at this site are defensive and want to turn this into a Marines VS Civilians issue. Please just stop it. No one is blaming the entire Marine Corps as some are claiming. Culberson should be responsible for himself.

    What’s his angle anyway for wanting to go all Hollywood? Culberson knowingly and fervently pursued the daughter of a reality TV celebrity on the internet for months. Then when he meets her in person face to face elopes with her within a week!

    A year later proclaiming that HE is the man of the house & slipping by saying “I OWN” the house.

    Stop making excuses Culberson and to his defenders stop making excuses for his behavior. HE chose to chase a reality tv show. He knew exactly what he was doing and now that he’s shown the world what a POS he really is immediately blames everything else for HIS behavior. He isn’t man enough to own up to it.

    An officer and a gentleman? I think not. More like an egotistical angry fame seeking poser looking for an easy buck on the back of crazy women in Hollywood on a sleazy reality tv show. Looks like his little plan backfired.

  13. I can’t believe Ryan is trying to justify his behavior, and blame editing! Unbelievable – DID BRAVO PUT THOSE WORDS AND AGGRESSIVE TONE INSIDE OF YOU?

    NOTHING justifies this aggressive and disrespectful behavior which is OBVIOUSLY A PATTERN as indicated by Vicki’s brother and past shows.

    Do us all a favor and get your lawyer to ASK BRAVO TO EDIT YOU OUT OF THE SHOW, so the world doesn’t have to look at Mr. Misunderstood/MisEdited.


  14. There is no editing issue – unless they faked his voice and words. I know it is just reality show, but this jerk played into every stereotype of the aggressive, crude, and rude military guy. I would the that the Marine Corp would have something to say to this jerk. He parades around in the uniform and they play to the sympathies for his deployment, he should stand for everything. I would be afraid to live in the same house with that wacko.

  15. Ryans a Punk! He’s a spoiled little Wanna Be & joined the Marines so he could try to convince others that he was somebody. Hes a pathetic loser & now the whole world knows it!!

  16. Funny that old “editing” excuse…We’ve all read the fbomb editing out of his alleged mouth excuses, but how did Bravo’s creative editing make Ryan’s elbow come up as if to elbow Vicki’s brother in the face? This kid is violent and troubled.

  17. Seriously, I doubt it could be edited that much far off from what was shown. Bottom line Ryan was so rude, so out of control and so disrespectful how can someone this sick be fighting for our country. I fear for our American Marines that have to fight by his side. If this is what our Marine Corps thinks is okay behavior this country is in big trouble. I don’t think this unstable person should ever have a gun in his hand. he needs help I really hope the Marine Corp can get him the help he needs and retire him from the Marines. LOOSE CANNON!!!!

  18. Did they creatively edit when he tried to throw a backhanded elbow at Vicki’s brother? He was enraged and acting totally immature. Not at all representative of a US Marine. Alcohol, PTSD, and Fairy Dust don’t mix!

  19. Ryan Culberson sleazy reality tv show wanna be needs to be kicked to the curb. By the military! He gives all honorable men & woman in any military branch a bad name. It’s bad enough that rape is a problem in our military and now we got a loose cannon fame whore wanna be acting out making on a reality tv show going after other people’s money. SHAME SHAME SHAME! Who the hell in the military allowed this little douchebag intimidating WOMEN ONLY on tv anyway?

  20. Ryan you are a liar plain and simple. You lied about Lydia’s mom saying “who are you?” by adding your own made up word in there when she did not say that. You are using the only excuse now that you can think of – editing. Lydia wrote in her blog that both her brother and his wife were in the same room and were disgusted by you! There was much more huh? yeah much more atrocious behavior on your part. So defend yourself now — what more could have justified your actions? You have no more details because in your angry crazy mind you made up more. You are forever a disgrace to the military.

  21. Watching what went down made my blood boil and my nerves on edge, seeing a young man become unglued before our eyes. Ryan appears to have control and anger issues and possibly some form of instability/impulse issues. I feel bad for Brianna that she has to deal with this behavior. I hope he gets help before he takes his aggression out on another innocent victim.

  22. Why do people even watch this crap? We all know what’s going to happen in practically every episode. A Marine cursing out an old lady on a reality TV show, that makes great TV. Why? It’s outside the box, its brilliant. What better way to get people talking, and in todays society people will watch just to see what all the fuss is about. The SSgt was stupid, and I would never talk to a woman that way. But what do you expect, he is giving the producers and everyone watching what they expect to see…over the top drama. These shows inject every facet of drama a person can think of. Someone goes to the hospital, gets arrested, gets beat up or cursed out and we all can’t wait to find out what happens next. Deep down we love it and we don’t even realize it. We can’t wait until the next episode, and will tune in to see what happens next week. You are all crazy for being surprised at what you saw. Marines are human and if you don’t know a Marine or service member here is a news flash…not all of us do honorable things, there is your reality. There is always the small percentage in any organization that do things that are unacceptable. Weather you’re a policeman, congressman, or a teacher.

    DO NOT blame my Marine Corps for his actions and don’t mention the Marines Corps reprimanding him for what he did. I don’t know him personally and I don’t care what he does on TV. Personally I believe Marines should stay out of the limelight, we are celebrities in our own right. There are thousands of Marines doing great things around the world everyday. If you don’t like what was shown on the show then boycott the show. Write a letter to BRAVO and tell them how displeased you where with his actions. Ask them to remove him from the show.

  23. Ryan told StoopidHousewives dot com July 31: “Clearly I wouldn’t get this mad over just the couch. There’s a ton of other factors that happened that night that won’t make television because with editing drama sells! I have the whole night recorded on my phone and under the real situation I handled myself fine due to the circumstances but that is not what you will see on this episode. Regardless obviously I’m not cut out to deal with pretentious self-absorbed people that frequent these “parties”, besides there’s a lot more important things going on in the world then these fake-ass “reality” shows!”

    Let’s see the entire scene!

  24. NavyCross0311 on

    I, like others, am not surprised that this pitiful disgrace for a Marine is making excuses instead of taking responsibility. This is just another example of how the good Marines are forced out and the left-overs get promoted. But no one should be surprised by his actions. The infamous switch from E-5 to E-6 automatically makes you a self-entitled asshole, and we all know it. It’s a rare Marine who can make the jumps without having to pull his head out of his ass. I won’t be surprised in a couple of years when he’s divorced and his hefty wife makes another tv show.

    Thanks SSGT. Culberson, you’ve brought great credit upon yourself, the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

  25. Its easy to judge from the outside, but until you have all the facts we are in no position to disgrace Ryan’s name. What seen on TV and what actually happens are often to completely different situations.

    Ive worked as a Flight Attendant for a number of years, and I’ve learned that age doesn’t always equate to mature adult.

  26. Ryan, what you don’t seem to understand is that even if she was bouncing on the sofa holding a glass of dripping red wine, you were out of line. At the point, unless they faked your voice, your side of the story isn’t important. No matter the situation, a real man walks away when the playing field isn’t level.

  27. Blaming the editing? Seriously, Ryan. That’s the oldest, lamest excuse in the reality handbook. What you said on camera, how you behaved on camera, is all you. The editors didn’t make that up. Take responsibility for your behavior. And for heaven’s sake get some therapy and learn how to deal with all that rage inside of you.

  28. Millnermain32 on

    I work in editing and I know film editors cannot use what is not given to them. Ryan gave the Bravo cameras those “scenes” on a silver platter. Even when away from the cameras, his microphone picked up his words to the elderly woman…..editing does not “make that up.” The words and actions were all his. The best thing for him to do would have been to humbly apologize instead of trying to place blame. I hate his name is being associated with the military because his actions are his own….he should be ashamed for the negative reflection. Yes, we are all human and have outbursts that we later regret but this is not the first time he has shown aggressive behavior on the show. Perhaps it is time to rethink being a reality star?

  29. I don’t doubt that the scene was edited.. However, The Mother in Law Vicki tweeted that Ryan was out of the house by then — meaning he and Briana had their own place..

    @moniluvya They had already moved out and was visiting from his base. There was a lot more to the night that wasn’t shown— Vicki Gunvalson (@vgunvalson) August 6, 2013

    This is my issue:

    It’s not Ryan’s house or furniture — it’s his Mother in Law’s, he should have gotten Vicki — since HE DOESN’T live there anymore.

    He even caught his self at one point saying: “I own.. I live here”


    He is a hot head and I would love to see what his ex wife has to say about him.

    I am betting Ryan and Brianna will hold that baby over Vicki.

    He is worried about Brooks being around his son? I am worried about Ryan being around his son.

    Also, @RyanCulberson cowardly deleted his twitter account and used a delete service so the URL’s are not traceable.

    Well Ryan, sadly for you, once something is said on the internet you can’t take it back. Good thing for twitter search engines..

    This is a tweet he sent out on Black Friday:

    ” RyanCulberson: How about instead of waiting in line on Black Friday you get a job that makes more $! #bums” “

  30. Here are some Retweets of Ryans too

    7576 hours scanned…


    8 mths ago DoS PostEffect

    RT @RyanCulberson: Country’s going to shit! #saddayinAmerica


    8 mths ago

    RT @IQUEEFGOLD: @PREACHN @IMAKITRAIN @Jillzarin @vgunvalson @RyanCulberson is racist and he nasty to people that aren’t rich!


    8 mths ago

    RT @IQUEEFGOLD: @PREACHN @IMAKITRAIN @Jillzarin @vgunvalson @RyanCulberson is racist and he nasty to people that aren’t rich!


    8 mths ago

    RT @PREACHN: @IMAKITRAIN @Jillzarin @vgunvalson @RyanCulberson is a rude, crude racist boy! Is he drunk tonight?


    8 mths ago

    RT @PREACHN: @IMAKITRAIN @Jillzarin @vgunvalson @RyanCulberson is a rude, crude racist boy! Is he drunk tonight?


    8 mths ago

    @Jillzarin @vgunvalson @RyanCulberson just said #BlackFriday is for #Bums that need to get a better job to make more money! #NiceSonInLaw


    8 mths ago

    @DIRTYSANTCHEZ That was probably given to @RyanCulberson #CandyAss


    8 mths ago

    RT @DIRTYSANTCHEZ: @RyanCulberson Oh look your big screen tv!


    8 mths ago

    RT @DIRTYSANTCHEZ: @RyanCulberson @YAMAMASBOX But, you have one!


    8 mths ago

    RT @DIRTYSANTCHEZ: @RyanCulberson Oh look your big screen tv!


    8 mths ago

    RT @DIRTYSANTCHEZ: @RyanCulberson @YAMAMASBOX But, you have one!


    8 mths ago

    RT @PREACHN: @YAMAMASBOX @RyanCulberson Well, well look who’s talking now he’s all comfortable! You’re rude little boy! Your manners are …


    8 mths ago

    RT @PREACHN: @YAMAMASBOX @RyanCulberson Well, well look who’s talking now he’s all comfortable! You’re rude little boy! Your manners are …


    8 mths ago

    RT @RyanCulberson: We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. …


    8 mths ago

    @RyanCulberson DAMN! Bad day? Good for you but it was insulting! Millionaires like a bargain too! Hell…that’s how they stay millionaires!


    8 mths ago

    EXTREMELY INSULTING TWEET! “@RyanCulberson: How about instead of waiting in line on Black Friday you get a job that makes more $! #bums”


    8 mths ago

    @RyanCulberson -agree! but the lines for jobs are longer than those for Black Friday-and it is going to get worse


    8 mths ago

    RT @RyanCulberson: On this Thanksgiving, If you can read this thank a teacher, If you can read this in English thank a Veteran! Happy Th …

  31. Sooooo….still no apology from the disgraced and volatile Staff Sergeant? Just justifications and blame shifting. What a spineless coward. Berating people for being entitled, phony and opportunists; while simultaneously pretending to own a multi-million dollar estate, drives his MIL’s $80k SUV, and financially benefitting from a salary from a show he apparently holds in low regard. Lying hypocrite, to say the least.

    He needs to remove himself from public viewing. He is a piss-poor representation of our men serving in the military.

  32. I dont think we can fairly say that he represents the Marines, however, he should be disciplined for his conduct under the USMCC. In or out of uniform he is held to a higher standard.

    That being said,,, really, his verbally abusive and aggressive behavior towards the woman, AND then his overtly physical aggressive attitude towards Vickies brother, his language even when he knew the cameras were rolling, shows his true character. He looked like a time bomb ready to explode and you could tell by his body language and verbalizations that he would have become physical if the cameras were not there. Ryan, seriously you need some counseling—for anger control and control issues. Briana, you’re a sweetheart but this guys is black and white with his thought process and ” his way or the high way mentality”…it will get old after awhile, get him some counseling or get out. Oh, and PS Ryan…it’s not your house, and vickie is not your daughter, so stop acting like you are the one in charge!!

  33. If Ryan treats woman this way with cameras rolling and audio being recorded can you imagine how he treats the Afghan woman and children? This is not what we want representing America. I am absolutely disgusted with his behavior. There is no excuse for how he acted. They cannot edit what you don’t give them. Ryan continued to curse at Lydia’s mother, even after she asked him to not use that language. The ‘F’ word and calling her a ‘B’, really? Is that edited too Ryan? I honestly fear for the safety of his wife and son. He is a ticking time bomb and only a matter of time before his rage is inflicted upon his family.

  34. This guy is a douchebag! His is a disgrace to the core. Hey Ryan…Did Bravo edit your aggressive manner and the horrible words you used. Brianna needs to run!! Imagine if his son were to spill something on the sofa!!!! Imagine running into this guy in a dark alley!!!!!!!!

  35. I was absolutely appalled when I watched this. He is a nasty, arrogant, rude disrespectful poor excuse for a man. Regardless of what was said by Lydia’s mom, the way he spoke to her was inexcusable.

    Using deployment as an excuse for added stress is a load of crap. My brother, father & fiance have all been deployed, and my brother’s wife was having a high-risk pregnancy, and never once did he snap & speak to anyone in such a disgusting manner.

    And, BTW you poor excuse for a man, you can’t flat out lie when it’s being recorded for TV. You stated ‘she said who the fu*k are you?’… and no, actually she didn’t. she asked who you were, but clearly you were embellishing to make her look like the ‘bad guy’.

    Hey Ryan, its NOT your house. You are NOT the man of the house. Grow up, learn some respect. You’re absolutely disgusting. I hope Troy learns how NOT to treat people. Thank god you’re not a single father – hopefully Briana will raise him right.

  36. Bravo made Ryan look like “a crazy Marine”? Um…no sir. You made yourself look like a crazy fool. Leave the Marines out of it.

    Someone smart who cares for this kid needs to tell him to quit blaming others, take responsibility and apologize profusely to the women he verbally abused and to the US Marine Corp for interjecting his service and the Corp into this trashy show’s story line.

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  38. Ryan was extremely hostile on camera, so is Bravo responsible for that aswell. Ryan is gross and I can’t imagine what he’s like on a daily basis.

    I don’t usually condone violence, but Ryan needs to be taught how to respect his elders, preferably, in a “fist to face” lesson.

  39. Someone need to b**ch Ryan. He was so rude to Lydia’s mom. If someone did that to my mom , I would go off too. Where is his southern hospitality. If she said her feet hurt, I would have asked her if there was anything she needed…. keep her company and strike up a conversation with her,…that is southern hospitality, hell it’s just good manners, as being a host. The thing that ticks me off about Ryan is he accused Vicki of not standing up for her family, but when you have a party whether or not you live there, as part of the family hosting a party… it is your job to make the guests feel comfortable.

    I guess I learned this when I was young because my parents hosted many a party, and it was always assumed that our first priority were our guests. I have driven people home, put people to bed, cleaned up accidents, and he is bitching about her feet on the couch? If I was Vicki, I would have been mortified. I’ve seen it all when it comes to parties..and the best thing is that the day or two after the party, when everyone sober’s up… They tell you that was the best F****ing party that year. Now that’s how you roll.

  40. So everyone here going to comment on other stories on here that matter just as much as values this SSgt should have been taught already or go back to business as usual. I visit this blog often, but the most comments come from a reality show…come on now btw welcome back to my old unit 3/6 welcome back to the states i miss greenside.

  41. Worried about a couch? The couch was just a “trigger” for him. I’ve had parties in my place where I found guests vomiting into the floor grates for the heater. I wouldn’t dream of humiliating someone who wasn’t feeling well in my home, esp. an invited and friendly guest like Judy Stirling.

  42. Shirley from FL on

    What a tool… Vicky needs to kick him out of her house and demand a public apology for his totally crazy and disrespectful actions… Can’t wait to see how Vicky and her daughter handle this one, my advice – running and get a peace bond on him to stay away from all RHWOC taping – go back to your real life and get off Vickys skirt tails. Hope you get yours on your deployment!

  43. Actually, they had mics on both of them and you clearly hear Ryan being extremely rude, arrogant and disrespectful. He claims this woman told him off and cursed at him, which is a blatant lie and we all heard it! Now to come out in public and lie is just disgusting. And even if she was rude (which she wasn’t at all), to call a 65 year old woman a b word multiple times and throw f bombs at her? Not. Cool.

  44. Editing did not put words in Ryan’s mouth, nor did editing alter the behavior, demeanor or attitude that this Marine displayed that night. He was rude, intimidating, aggressive disrespectful and arrogant to a GRANDMOTHER. It does not matter what she did or said to him. He is a disgrace to all honorable service men/women. Shame on the Marine Corps if it makes excuses for this conduct. This young man has a mental problem and needs help IMMEDIATELY.

  45. I get what your saying and would never want to be apart of pushing anyone to a breaking point. Can Ryan at least take some responsibility for his actions? Even it the editing showed him in a bad light , to continue to call a 64 yr old woman a —– is the worst ! I read a comment earlier that I wanted to tweet the night it happened but did not because I did not want to be viewed as a Muslim sympathizer but since I do care for the human race I will say it.. ” I can only imagine the way Ryan treat the afghan woman and children “

  46. Whether editing took some parts out, it still doesn’t excuse his horrible behavior. He continued to curse and disrespect Judy. No one put any F words in his mouth, and no one told Ryan to call that old lady the B word. He clearly has no self control, and if could treat women so poorly, I would be afraid for Briana’s life. Briana’s uncle even told Ryan to STOP GOING OFF ON EVERYONE every single time. He treats his mother-in-law like CRAP in her own home! Vicki looked scared when Ryan told her to “stop comforting her.” Then, he proceeded to curse and go off on her like a raging lunatic. The other scenes with him and Vicki were also very disturbing. The way he talks to Vicki shows a very disrespectful, inappropriate, crude and vile man who thinks he can treat anyone however he wants to. I am highly ashamed that a US Marine can treat others with such disrespect. He can’t even handle small situations like what happened at the Winter Wonderland party, how can he continue to fight for our country? Is he capable of handling himself? I understand the level of stress he’s under, but that doesn’t give him the right to treat others so poorly as if they were dirt. Ryan Culberson should get the help he needs. His rude, cocky, arrogant, and disrespectful attitude needs to go! He can’t even respect those around him, so I’m sure he treats others the same exact way. Maybe worse!

    Briana better watch out because I’m afraid Ryan may get worse if he doesn’t control his behavior.

  47. Ryan is making excuses for himself like I knew he would. He still will not take any responsibility for his actions. What he did was wrong, and it’s embarrassing to have a Marine behave with such poor manners. I felt so sad for Judy to be treated with such disrespect. I’m glad Vicki told Briana and Ryan they need to move. They can’t even treat her with respect, and walks all over Vicki when she was working hard to pay for her mansion. Ryan could never afford to make 1/8 of what she makes so for him to control everything is pathetic. He has some serious anger issues, and I hope he gets the help he needs. Take responsibility, and quit pretending that you own everything and everyone should bow down and respect you! If Ryan can’t respect others, then he shouldn’t act crazy and demand respect! You have to earn respect by giving respect back. SHAME ON YOU, RYAN.

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  49. ConcernedCitizen on

    A real gentleman would look back at his actions (regardless of editing), would come forth right and apologize. Especially to a woman old enough to be his mother. Ryan shows complete disregard for women in general. Something tells me he treats his own mother that way. Total Douchebag!!!

  50. I must say that this incident with Staff Sgt. Culberson could become a public affairs nightmare. I am a bit surprised that he was given permission to appear on the show in uniform as he has done in the past and I have also been a bit concerned about his previous behavior but what he did with this woman was completely out of line and I really don’t care to hear anything about editing. My husband is a retired Sgt. Major he served in the Marine Corps for 27 1/2 years and he would have never ever condoned that from any of his Marines. I asked him to watch what had happened and he first words were that this was not going to go well for the Staff Sgt. He also told me that he certainly agreed that the actions of the Staff Sgt. did not put the Marine Corps in the best light. As Most everyone knows that when you are in our Armed Forces you are the represent your service AT ALL TIMES. It also saddens me to think that some people are blaming his time in the Corps for his actions. The way he behaves is his responsibility and no one is to blame but him.

  51. Judy responded to friendlydish dot com:
    “I do not drink red wine. Never have. I had no drink in my hand. Ryan came into the room shouting the f word at me a zillion times. He was so drunk. He needs anger management. I feel sorry for his family.”

  52. You people are the ones that are crazy, with all of your posts. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that you are all crazy and have very little going on in your life.

  53. @SH – The camera crew are trained on the stars of the show. Not the supporting cast, of the supporting cast. Ryan’s not that important; well, except in his own mind. The supporting cast members wear mics whenever they’re at “filmed” events, primarily to catch conversations and interactions with the show’s “stars”, not so much with each other.

  54. Millnermain32 on

    FYI, a website called Friendly Dish has posted info on Ryan’s previous domestic violence case. This scares me for his wife and family. My mother was abused by a man with a similar temper… will only get worse if he does not seek help to change.

  55. This man is a disgrace. I cannot believe that at this point, he is still making excuses for, and even justifying his disgusting behaviour. Perhaps what is more disheartening is watching his wife meekly defend his disrespectful behaviour – obviously a lack of respect for herself. Shame!

  56. I think Brianna’s screen name is “Real Marine Wife” LOL.

    Real Marine Wife Says:

    August 7th, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    Get off of your high horses.. its a highly known fact that these shows edit in favor of ratings and all of you talking crap fell for it!

    REALLY!? Get off your media soap box. Thank you for explaining to us how you think rating work. However, nobody in their right mind who watched the show can blame editing… unless you’re brain washed and used to being degraded like that on a daily basis, it’s not normal and it’s not right. For you to make excuses for such bad behavior shows how off base your reality and sense of self respect is, not viewer’s opinions.

  57. His behavior was appalling. Zero excuses for it. Tragic that his wife and mother-in-law continue covering for him.

  58. Ryan,

    Let’s just say that Lydia’s mother was a mean, foul-mouthed, old-drunk, and was vile and nasty to you. Lets just say she was stumbling drunk, spewing curse words and insults at you and spilling red wine on Vicki’s couch. Let’s say in her drunken stupor she even swung her purse in an attempt to hit you. Even in that scenario your behavior would still be inappropriate.

    The viewers were hoping that when you watched the footage of yourself (and we are aware of editing) that you would feel very remorseful and then respond with a sincere apology. Some people lack self-awareness and a good video replay is what we need to realize how we really are (not who we explain we are). Take this as a lesson to work on some things. If nobody (not one person) agrees your behavior was appropriate, maybe you should get a little help?

  59. Editing can’t hide the fact that Ryan lied over and over about how he was asked about who he was. Add my name to the list who think this loser is a disrespectful little puke and a smudge on the good name of servicemen everywhere. And that fat cow he is married to, who shouldn’t be that heavy at such a young age, needs to get off her fat rear and stop whining about how terrible it is that her husband is being forced to do the job he signed up to do. Briana needs to let her husband know she is handling what needs to be done on the home front, that she’s ‘got this,’ so he has a lot less to worry about while he is trying to do his job. Maybe then he won’t be such a hothead psycho.

  60. If you want to critique someone’s actions, character and integrity, that’s one thing. I personally don’t find it necessary or very kind, ever, to attack someone’s physical appearance regardless if she has just had a baby and her thyroid removed. JMO.

  61. My service did not include combat duty so I can only imagine what that can do to anyone; and I am beyond grateful to those who have served and sacrificed in that capacity. However, the actions of this young man disrespect those who serve honorably and with respect to the civilians to whom they have taken an oath to protect. The Marine Corps builds ultimate warriors, not abusers. This may be PTSD or an already predisposed grandiose ego run amok. His behavior appears to be very controlling under the misguided pretense of protection and zero tolerance for disrespect. IMHO his superior officers should take immediate action into 1) further investigating this actual events of the evening of that party 2) Order psych evaluation and counseling and if they do not, if heaven forbid, the next time his irrational anger gets the best of him, and reacts with physical and not just verbal abuse, they will have missed a clear opportunity to protect his family, as well as other civilians and his fellow servicemen.

  62. some of you people really just need to worry about your own lives and not what happens on tv. so he went of on some women he was drinking and he’s a Marine. So Ssgt keep doing what your doing keep slaying bodies in Afghanistan and protecting the sheep from the wolves. none of you get it but i sure do. As a retired Marine in noway am i ashamed or think this leaves a black eye on the corps. He is a real Marine combat vet he gets shit done so let the man be and worry about your own lives. Semper Fi

  63. @jnzs0311 — Then maybe the Military Times blogger who wrote this in the first place should worry about her own life and not what happens on TV? Ya think?

  64. What a sissified punk Ryan is! If I were Vicki, I would have slapped the devil out of Ryan then told them both to pack their sh*t and get the hell out of my house! Daughter or nor daughter, grandchild or no grandchild. Vicki is the MOTHER for God sakes! And she needs to grow a pair and quit letting those two tell her what to do in her own house! I have two kids of my own and I love them, yes! But I would never let them run my life like Vicki does hers! And Vicki is a wimpy blond pushover! That’s why Ryan and Briana treat her so horribly! Vicki has more control than what she thinks. And Briana better watch her step! Because she’s going to need her Mom at some point and Ryan is going to hurt her bad one of these days if Briana pisses him off. Also, Ryan is a nutcase! I watched the show and honestly, I was afraid for poor Judy. It looked like Ryan was going to physically attack Judy. And I believe that if the camaras weren’t rolling, Ryan would have hawled off and broke Judy’s face. You could tell him wanted to hurt her because he kept going after her even when she was walking away. Ryan was ITCHING to beat Judy up. You could tell it in his face and his body language. It takes a real sissy-punk little boy to go after a 64 year old woman like he did. He is a DISGRACE to his uniform, his branch of service, AND to his country! He’s like a little boy crying, “Waaaa! My wittle pee-pee hurts!” Ryan, grow a penis and stop being a little boy, LITTLE BOY!

  65. Oh and another thing I forgot to add: Ryan had been having an online relationship with Briana Wolfsmith for a loooong time before he met her in person. And they got married less than a week after meeting in person. Hmmmm…looks and sounds kind of fishy to me. Truth be known, Ryan had been watching Briana on RHOOC and saw that she came from lots of $$$. So he tracked her down online and wooed her until he had her hooked and then he married her as soon as they met to hook her before she had a chance to find out what a loser he really was. Ryan is clearly after their money and is coat tailing Vicki! Wow! Is it just me, or does the word “GOLDDIGGER” seem to be floating around here somewhere?????

    He is calling her house his and driving her vehicle. What a bloodsucking leach of a loser creep!

    God, Briana must have been desperate as hell to hook up with his mooching ass! And its sad because not all but most heavy weight women are mad-crazy desperate for a man so I guess Briana Wolfsmith is no different. And she has the nerve to tell her mother who she is allowed to date??? After she herself married some losery waste of oxygen less than a week after she met him in person??? As stupid as Briana is, she has no right to instruct mama vicki on who to date. So, Briana. Let me school you on a few things: 1. Just because you are overweight, it doesn’t make you less pretty, honey. You can still find a decent husband. You didn’t have to be desperate. 2. Stop sticking your nose in Mom’s business because you weren’t very smart in the dating arena yourself, sweetheart. And 3. Teach your lowlife, golddigging husband some manners…oh wait, you’re too chickenshit! Damn, I almost forgot!

  66. Notice how ryan said “I own, er I live here” – I guess he was thinking it’s only a matter of time. If I was Vicki, I would keep one eye open when he is around. I’d hate for something to ‘happen’ to her.

  67. There is absolutely NOTHING Judy could have done that justifies Ryan’s behavior caught on camera, for all to see. What is it Ryan is implying Judy did that was so offensive? I can’t think of a single thing that would make his aggression ok towards a woman who was a guest at that house. Or any woman anywhere. Even if she called him white trash, called his mother a whore, tried to physically attack him or even insult his son Troy, in no case would his behavior be acceptable. Totally changed my opinion of him. Made me feel sorry for Brianna who always seemed like such a strong, smart woman. After the incident she tries to get Ryan to calm down and placate him and its almost painful to watch, she seems like an abused woman. Brianna was obviously humiliated as she usually rises above all the drama but it was hard to watch her struggle to defend Ryan.

    Side note, I thought Judy handled herself excellently and with class. Vicki did too and made the best of a bad situation. Sad all around. The fact that this joker hasn’t made a total mea culpa and is actually defending his actions… unbelievable.

  68. Can’t believe this hot head represents our country. Perfect example of a DB. I can only imagine the way he treats his wife, and other people around him. He obviously needs anger management.

  69. The simple fact of the matter is that, when you allow yourself to be on a dumbass show such as this, that has no socially redeeming value. It’s your (his) fault period, for anything that goes down. As a Marine he should have known better. Now he gets what he deserves.

  70. Thers no reason he should be n a uniform, he make others who were n respect that uniform look bad,cant blame that on editing, because if that’s the cause u would have 2 say bravo has something 2 do with the domestic volience arrest n the restraining order his frist wife had 2 take out on him, this is who hes always been, the acohol just brought it 2 the surface.Brienna better watch it, he talking bout brooks charcter hes n opportunist himself check back on them n a year or so, he not going 2 be able 2 hide who is 4 2 long the true him will come out, I just hope his wife n son don’t get hurt, since the marines arent willing 2 get him the help he needs, n he needs help stevie wonder can see that n hes blind

  71. Oh yes.. The old editing excuse. I don’t care what Judy did or didn’t do..there is no excuse for a man to speak to an older woman (or any woman) that way. It is not his house or his couch, and any host/hostess knows when you throw a large party, there is going to be some damages.

    This young man is clearly out of control with anger/rage issues. He kept the fight going outside with everyone that tried to calm him down or smooth it over, looking like it was all he could manage not to punch someone in the face. Vicki’s brother Billy, said it all when he said “this has got to stop, it happens every time”. This is clearly a pattern, and Billy was the only one to stand up to the crazy.

    The fact that in this interview Ryan said if we saw more he would be shown to be “justified” is shocking. There is no justification for acting like this. A simple apology with no “but” is the only thing this article should have shown coming from Ryan.

    If he can’t handle the stress of a 64 year old woman with her feet on the couch at a party, what on earth will he do on duty with a gun in his hands?? It’s a scary thought.

  72. I saw that! I was so relieved when Billy stood up to that nutbag! I was hoping he would kick Ryan Culberson’s ass up between his shoulders.

  73. Editing? Editing can leave foul and abusive language and threatening physical behavior out, but editing does not put it in! There is enough of Ryan’s words, enough footage of his facial demeanor and near manhandling of his mother-in-law demonstrating his volcanic, hair-trigger temper for civilians as well as military to be not only deeply disgusted at his bar-room brawl behavior at a private party in his mother-in-law’s home (which he claims to own before correcting himself), but also deeply concerned at his ability to lead marines in a theater of combat in a place where powder keg violence on a mass scale can be set off by less than words! This young man has PRE-PTSD and is in no position to keep his head about him in the highly volatile environment where he will be in a leadership position. Would I want my son to be subordinate to this sergeant? No way in the world! Stateside this unstable temper is an annoyance and a bad piece of luck for those under Ryan’s command. In theater, Ryan’s mental state can get fine marines, or civilians, killed, in a place where problems begin lightning fast and escalate even faster. I beg his CO to have his fitness for duty psychologically evaluated. And beyond that, his behavior dishonored the Corps. This may be just a silly semi reality show about spoiled housewives, but this is not the first, just the worst example of his going completely OFF over a sustained period of time. It’s a bad deal all around. It is deeply troubling. I have no reassurance that he is not a danger to his mission and to his brothers in arms.

  74. Someone want to make sure there isn’t a Launtenberg violation? Domestic abuse history… Charges dropped? Restraining order still current?

  75. Watchng the show since it began but these few episodes Ryan thinks he’s the man of the house. Hey, it’s not ur house. Own? No, it’s Vicky’s home. Even her brother got sick of this “Man of the House” act. He told him to stop. MOVE!

  76. The mendacity of Ryan and Brianna! Oh the Mendacity! Ryan’s true colour’s came out when he said, “I own…err…” This guy exhibited the true character of a bully with this lady and he knew he was under an audio recording, yet his ego still allowed him to call her a bitch and then he lied about her saying that she said, ” fuck off” and she did not!

    Ryan is a loose cannon and I fear what he will do when not under video/audio checks: he has such a totalitarian power hunger that anybody that challenges his authority will come under his wrath and there is no telling what this guy is capable of…and when armed (he will be very dangerous). Even under a audio recording as we saw on the Real Housewives of OC, Ryan was a complete and utter psychopath.

    I think the Marine Corps ought to view these tapes and decide whether they want to keep a person like Ryan in their midst. It is my belief that they are making a grave error keeping this guy. Even the mere fact that this guy wants to be on this pouffier show reality sort of flys in the face of what I think a Marine stands for…

    It is an oxymoron to be on the Real Housewives of Orange County and to be a Marine in the United States Marine Corps!

  77. Vicki can’t defend herself without Hurting her daughter so she and brooks eat crow over and over! Ryan showed his true nuts side with the sofa incident! He is no character judge. Really a private recording that a guy joking says get your woman in line while one guy is provoking the other for the recording that is private – really? Ryan needs help and brianne is defensive. I have been abused and the person protecting someone is Vicki eating crow for brianne while brianne is defensive of crazy Ryan. Ryan needs help. He has a warped sense of reality. Vicki and brooks never my favorite but how can they defend anything? If they do they rip on her baby(brianne!) ummm no win. Brianne and Ryan need help. Vicki stay strong and try to maintain the reality – it seems very blurred – and you’re in a no win. Brooks leaving is gallant because only solution is to make brianne and Ryan wrong – and who could do that to a woman’s daughter? No win.

  78. Another disrespectful comment Ryan made in conversation on the show was something like ‘he’s a used car salesman’ in reference to Brooks. My father was a ‘used car salesman’ for 40 years. He supported my mother and 3 children. He is a good man with great morals. So pardon me Ryan if he wasn’t a marine, but he is a hero in my eyes. I respect the armed forces and what they do for our country , but it’s comments like that, without respect, that’s creates stereotypes. I could ask what you do on weekends off overseas, cause the stereotypical soldier gets drunk and screws around. BUT I do not believe that.

  79. Let me start with BRIANNA(SP) She is very disrespectful to her mother Vicky CONSTANTLY and that’s unacceptable so, this sets it up for Ryan to disrespect Vicky as well. To me Brianna seems a little off herself. To constantly threaten to move out, as way to control Vicky and her choices in her own home, is strange to me. I hate the way she speaks to her mother in that hostile way ALL THE TIME. This is the same woman who married a man she met online, behind her family’s back.

    VICKY strikes me as odd as well because for somebody to be as business savvy as she is you would think that she’d be in more control of what she works hard for and that is her home, family and who she surrounds her self with. For Vicky to allow Ryan to take over her home is strange on so many levels. Who she dates has NOTHINGING to do with Brianna or Ryan. PERIOD

    Ryan is 100% psychotic and clearly needs a padded room in an asylum…A.S.A.P His eyes are a dead giveaway, wide-eyed and hostile. He ALWAYS seems confrontational, especially with Vicky. It’s too early in the game for Ryan to ALREADY have friction in the family…BUT! this is the same guy who didn’t care enough to meet Brianna’s family before marrying her . This guy is truely a s piece of work.

    Ryanis in the military but has control issues…Spooky

    VIOLENT outburst over a couch that he doesn’t even own…SCARY This guy seen gold and wants it all for himself…RUN VICKY RUN!!

  80. RYANS behavior is completely unacceptable under any circumstance. What I am more concerned about is this is a man who is representing the United States in other countries. IF he treated a woman this horribly over putting her feed on Vickis couch I would hate to see what he does to those who are not US citizens when not supervised. This is someone who definately has anger issues and should be removed immediately from the Marines. NO IF ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT!!

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