2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, to commemorate deadly 2004 Battle of Ramadi

Marines with 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, maintain perimeter security in a Humvee during Operation County Fair I, in Ar Ramadi, Al Anbar Province, Iraq, April 8, 2004. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Master Sgt. Buzz Farrell / released)

Marines with 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, maintain perimeter security in a Humvee during Operation County Fair I, in Ramadi, Iraq on April 8, 2004. (Master Sgt. Buzz Farrell /Marine Corps.)

Marines and sailors of 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, will mark the 10-year anniversary of the Battle of Ramadi, during an April 6 ceremony at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

The 2004 battle was among the war’s hardest fought, resulting in the death of 34 Marines and one sailor.

On April 6, a series of coordinated ambushes in the city took the lives of many of those Marines. It was a level of precision and tenacity not before seen by the insurgency.

The Marines of 2/4, however, were able to break insurgent momentum by killing an estimated 250 fighters between April 6 and 10. It was a pivotal operation in the capital of Al Anbar province where Marines would continue to fight insurgents alongside U.S. Army units and allied Iraqi forces for the remainder of the Iraq war.

Later, in July 2004, USA Today described 2nd Battalion as then having the highest number of casualties during the Iraq war, with 20 percent of the entire 1,000-man force killed or wounded.

“Though battles in places such as Fallujah and Najaf have gotten far more attention, the Marine battalion in this provincial capital has encountered the most deadly combat fighting and logged the highest number of casualties of any U.S. battalion since the war in Iraq began,” USA Today reported.

The April 6 ceremony at Camp Pendleton will honor the sacrifice of those Marines and sailors who fought in the streets of Ramadi with a service at the Camp San Mateo Memorial Garden. It will include participation by veterans of the battle, Gold Star Families and friends.

Those planning to attend should contact Mark Sperling at mark.sperling@usmc.mil.


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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about the Battle of Ramadi. I was there with 2nd Bn 4th Mar at the time as a TOW gunner. Once quick thing, we didn’t lose 34 people in that battle, we lost 34 over the seven month deployment. Most of those casualties happened in a 4 month period or so if I remember correctly.

    The reason why I’m saying this is because I believe it gives respect to the people who fought to get things right. There is no need exaggerating something that doesn’t need it.

    I’m sure the mistake was unintentional and I’m writing this with due respect to the author.

    Despite the 10 year anniversary press, I believe this battle is in danger of being forgotten. That would be a shame.

  2. I heard about the Battle of Ramadi directly from my son who was with the 2/4 Marines, and they are deserving of there name. He was a TOW gunner and I am so proud of him and his two older brothers who are marines. Keep us protected here at home THANK YOU MARINES.

  3. Dianne Layfield on

    I’m overwhelmed at the outstanding responces, from everyone who is coming. It will be a Beautiful Remembrance to our Loved ones, our Fallen Heroes and Brothers. The Reunion is also going to be so amazing, to see everyone, hard to accept it’s been 10 yrs. already . I can’t tell you how excited I am. See you soon !!! SEMPER FI

  4. I am the mom of LCPL Jeremiah Savage 2/4 81st Weapons CO KIA May 12, 2004. I wish I could be there for the memorial but know in spirit I am with his brothers who came home. Forever changed but have given so much love to me through out the last 10 years.

  5. I had the privilege of meeting a young man that was there. He brought this battle to my attention. I hold him and his brothers in highest esteem for keeping us safe. Semper Fi. We are eternally grateful.

  6. I had the privilege of meeting a young man that was in that battle. We are eternally grateful to him and all of the armed services for keeping us safe. Semper Fi

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