Marine MoH recipient Dakota Meyer did a pretty intense commercial on shotgun home defense



Marine Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer provides instruction on the best gear and tactics for home defense in a new web video by SureFire.

It is the latest in a series of videos starring Meyer, a spokesman for the company that produces weapons lights, suppressors, muzzle breaks and flash hiders.

Meyer talks about the importance of proper equipment, training and mindset for repelling an intruder from your residence, particularly in a situation where you have loved ones sleeping in different areas of the house.

First, equipment. Meyer suggests a shotgun because it is easier to accurately wield and destroy a target during a high-stress situation. Additionally, the risk of hitting an unintended target in an adjoining room is less with shot than with bullets which are able to easily penetrate multiple layers of drywall. A weapon-mounted light, like SureFire’s shotgun fore end light plugged by Meyer in the video is also critical to accurately identify threats while clearing rooms, he says.

Second, training. Have  a plan. Move your loved ones to a secure room where they can barricade themselves in while calling 911 as you move to reach family in other areas of your home. Use cover. And when you don’t have cover keep moving. “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast,” he says.

Meyer received the Medal of Honor for operations in Afghanistan during a September 2011 ceremony at the White House. He was credited with saving several lives during a firefight on Sept. 8, 2009 while serving as an embedded trainer.

Meyer is also featured in a SureFire video about personal defense lights for women.



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