Corps recruits Marines for lateral move to intel jobs


The Corps is once again looking for a few good Marines willing to make a lateral move into a community that sometimes allows them to grow out a beard, ditch the high-and-tight and work undercover.

First-term Marines are being solicited to join the 0211 counterintelligence/human intelligence specialist military occupation specialty. Intel is considered a high-demand, low-density military occupational specialty, one for which officials consistently dangle plump re-enlistment bonuses in front of Marines willing to change MOSs.

For Marines who go intel, it could mean a bonus of $45,500.

Last year, Marine Corps Times wrote this cover story lifting the veil on the somewhat mysterious MOS.


Intel Marines do everything from gathering information through relationship-building with key leaders in the field, to interrogating detainees and prisoners of war, and writing reports about their findings. Those skills, combined with the top-secret security clearance 0211s receive, can go a long way in advancing Marines’ career in the Corps — or setting them up for success once they get out.

It’s a field that has grown increasingly popular since commanders saw the benefit to having intel Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Last year, officials told Marine Corps Times that the demand for 0211s has more than doubled in the past decade, and it will remain high in coming years.

“Everybody wants CI/human intel Marines,” said Col. Andrew Moyer, who serves as chief of staff for the director of Marine Corps Intelligence at the Pentagon. “So the operational tempo is very, very busy.”

You can read more about what the Corps is looking for in intel Marines, as well as how 0211s describe their work here.


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  1. That story in the marine corps times is not fully truthful. That article brought a lot of unqualified marines looking to get a job in Intel for all the wrong reasons. Marines looking to latmove into the 0211 mos should read the WHOLE maradmin 291/14 and really consider what it takes to be in that mos.

  2. Scott and David:

    Contact a prior service recruiter. The worst that can happen is they’ll tell you it’s a no go.

  3. Gina Harkins on

    0211 — What about the article in Marine Corps Times is not truthful? We interviewed the chief of staff for Marine Corps Intelligence at the Pentagon and a master sergeant who has served as an 0211 since he was a sergeant.

    The article lays out the requirements to become an 0211, per the info in the MARADMIN.

    We certainly don’t want to get anything wrong, so if you think I did, please email me at Thanks!

  4. 1. You’re not going to work “undercover”

    2. You are not a spy. You are someone that runs them.

    3. Everybody does not “want CI/HUMINT”. In fact, it is a job where most non-intel officers will go out of their way to undermine your work out of either insecurity or disgust of intel.

    It is a great job. But selling it as if you will do cool things, make tons of money later, and be loved and respected by all, is simply BS marketing.

  5. Roger Schultz on

    I’m an old fart and I’ve had a long time to rethink my small (minuscule) contribution to the Corps as a whole. If I would have been offered this opertunity I’d surely apply. Not just because I love the Marines and what we hold as truths. But because special duties require impeccable commitment and sense of duty. Still, if I was 40 years younger I’d have given this MOS a close look. Nuff Said.

    Semper Fi

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