Watch: MOH recipient Kyle Carpenter classes up the Letterman show


Retired Marine Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter, 24, recipient of the Medal of Honor, talked with host David Letterman during a taping of “Late Show with David Letterman,” Wednesday in New York. The segment featuring Carpenter, who lost an eye after taking a grenade blast in Afghanistan to save a fellow Marine in 2010, aired on Thursday. Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS/The Associated Press

Retired Marine Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, who received the Medal of Honor at the White House last week, entered the home stretch of a week on the road with an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in New York last night.


Carpenter, who showed up sharp in his dress blues with his medal at his collar, revealed to Letterman that he had driven home from class to receive the call from President Barack Obama congratulating him on his award. Then, he had gone back to class.

“I’m sorry I’m late, professor, I just got a call from the president,” Letterman teased.

“I’m not saying it was easy to focus,” Carpenter responded.

Watch the whole segment above.


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  1. Roy Matheson on

    Remember that the Medal is a reflection of the sacrifice he and his brothers make to protect each of us. The Medal is not a prize; it is a symbol of the man and the moment. Like all greatness, many worked to prepare him for the moment. Thank you, sir!

  2. Words cannot justify the feelings in me for this Marine,and ALL the sacrifice given by our armed forces. May God Bless you and keep safe all the days of your life.

  3. Honor, Duty, and Sacrifice are words that we Marines are taught throughout our career, you have met and surpassed this honor bestowed upon us to defend our nation against the wolf that threatens our doorstep each day. Thanks for being an ambassador for our Corps, those who gave all, and America.

    Semper Fidelis

    1stSgt Ret

    Starr SC

  4. Terri Sprosty on

    From this Woman Marine… so proud to be your brother-in-arms.

    So proud! Continue to have a blessed life. I know you’ll share it everyday.

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