Video: Marine held in Mexico gets day in court


As Marine veteran Andrew Tahmooressi appeared in a Mexican courthouse in Tijuana today for an evidentiary hearing, a host of lawmakers and a movie star are voicing their support for him.

Tahmooressi says he missed his exit at the San Ysidro border crossing March 31, entering Mexico with three firearms and dozens of rounds of ammunition in his truck before being arrested by Mexican authorities. His court proceedings were delayed by a series of legal hiccups: he has fired his attorney twice before hiring lawyer Fernando Benitez to represent him.

While the results of the hearing, which began at 11:30a.m. local time, have not been released yet, Fox News has this good primer on the action:


So far, thousands of members of the public have come to Tahmooressi’s support, with more than 100,000 people signing a White House petition asking the president to intervene on the veteran’s behalf.

On the eve of today’s hearing, Tahmooressi got one more fan: Gary Sinise, best known for playing “Lieutenant Dan” in the 1994 classic Forrest Gump.

Sinise, a longtime advocate of troops, took to Twitter to blast his support for Tahmooressi.


Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of 74 lawmakers, led by Reps. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., and Lee Terry, R-NE, have sent letters to Benitez and the Mexican circuit court judge, Victor Octavio Luna Escobedo, asking them to take Tahmooressi’s character and service into account and render a fair verdict.

Read the letters below:



Analysts say there’s a slim chance that Tahmooressi may be released at today’s hearing, but for now, it’s a game of wait-and-see.


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  1. I hope and pray that the judge will let him come back he made a mistake and they need to realize that nobody’s perfect but he does need to get back to his family and out of that prison all he did was take a wrong turn if the Mexican judge sees this comment please let him go home he’s innocent

  2. Jimmy Knuckles on

    101 days as a prisoner in Mexico. OK, enough. Time to place an embargo on Mexico. Time to apply similar sanctions against them like we have with Russia. They are doing NOTHING about the flood of children pouring through their country into the US. Mexico is not our friend; time to realize who and what they are and treat them as they deserve. Release Tahmooressi now!

  3. Jeanette Blose on

    Why in the world is this Marine still there? They moved heaven and earth to free that traitor .We have always said no solider left behind…then get this Marine home where he belongs. Why is our President not making some kind of effort to bring him home? Bring Tahmooressi home !

  4. The retard drove to T.J. with guns in his car, whether he made a wrong turn or not, there is a dozen signs before entering T.J. miles before you get to the border saying “Guns are illegal in Mexico”. He fucked up like a total boot and now he’s gonna pay. T.J. cops and judges are so crooked and corrupt he’s fucked. And as for our Government helping him don’t hold your breath. Where was are Government when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and left hundreds of thousands of people to die. All of you making your lame ass posts are so lame. Nothing but a bunch of sheep, believing everything the Government says, and act the way they want you to act (fucking losers).

  5. What’s are Government going to do about it. That’s the funniest shit I ever heard. This Government is so fucked up it’s not even funny. Were all fucking doomed. We have thousands of border jumpers crossing everyday in this country and they have no idea what to do with that . I like that bullshit letter, like that’s gonna do any good.

  6. Why doesn’t President Obama intervene, contact the Mexican President and insist that the Marine be released … immediately? Our President needs to stop campaigning, going on fund raising trips/tours, release from Guantanamo, and instead attend to matters such as this one. That this American Marine remains, helplessly, in a Mexican jail is deplorable!

  7. The lack of interest and response on the part of Obama just shows his disdain for our military and white citizens

  8. It time to go in and get him it is time to rally like the minute men our government has became to much like the British whom we left.

  9. Oweblamo has proven himself a disgrace to our nation. He could have gotten this soldier released within 10 minutes of learning of it. I would not want him as my commander in chief! They need to amend the presidential election rules so that only people who have served in the military can be elected to this position.

  10. why is everyone making such a big deal over this marine like if you would be some important individual. He’s just like any American but he served.. he is so stupid for taking weapons into Mexico if he so called made a “mistake” driving into Mexico when there tons of signs.. Mexico is in situation that any weapon in the wrong hands causes so much may ham.that is why the also tons signs on weapons not entering Mexico, they have a diffrent judicial system which we should respect it, like they do to ours process Obama shouldn’t waste his time or a favor on this idiot marine if he was able to do two terms, mexican prison should be a cake walk and should stay as long as the judge says for being an idiot!

  11. charles black on

    Enough of this crap…………..Border issues……….Mexican military corruption………..Cartel………….Remember the Alamo………..Time to strap up and end this………..The war of 2014 saw America secure it’s borders, destroy the cartel, and bring to justice the corrupt military and government officials of mexico…………The war lasted 6 days and on the 7th day America rested…………God was pleased…..Amen

  12. Tahmooressi was either stupid, blind or running guns. It makes no difference. American politicians have complicated the matter and are at fault by making a public display. Mexican judges and police could have been bribed before this all became public. Ten thousand dollars to a judge or a ’73 Chevie would have bought his release.

  13. P.T.S.D. played a role in his confusion. That’s fucking classic. How funny. Unfortunately the Mexican government and there people are not as stupid as the American government and it’s citizens. That bullshit story may hold up in court here in the U.S. with all the sheep believing his bullshit story but not in T.J. Good luck boot Tamahroosii or whatever your name is. I bet that T.J. prison your going to is going to be paradise, Sancho and his gang is going to have fun with your ass that’s for sure. Way to embarrass your family and the Corps.

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  15. He needs to go back to training – cause he sure as heck can’t do land navigation – how does one accidently drive across the border?

  16. Has the President gone insane???? If this Marine were captured by Muslims we’d have a brigade of marines and Navy Seals going in to bring back our MARINE. Instead, we LEAVE OUR MARINE BEHIND, because too many politicians are vacationing in Mexico? What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your vacation on the Mexican beaches you f^^$$ US hipocrites, while our US marine rots in a fu%$$ jail. While U enjoy your freedom, Marines have DIED to give you freedom, and you sit and do nothing to bring this marine back. BRING HIM BACK NOW! Send in the Marines to retrieve their marine! WTF is going on here? Obama you SUCK. BUsh would’ve had this marine out by now.

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