Viral video shows Marines confronting apparent military faker


A video showing two Marines confronting a man dressed as an Army sergeant major is making the rounds on Facebook.

The video, posted on Sunday from Florida, shows two Marines on funeral detail questioning a man claiming to be a battalion sergeant major, military policeman and special operator. The two catch up with him in a parking lot and begin asking him questions about his uniform — including why he’s wearing medals and ribbons at the same time.


The Marines ask the man who his commanding officer is, and he replies, “Lt. Col. Smith.” They also ask him for his official business card, but the man is unable to produce one.

Later, the man claiming to be a top enlisted soldier told the Marines he doesn’t participate in physical training because he’s an officer.

The man was wearing a Silver Star and a Bronze Star with combat distinguishing device. When one of the Marines asked how he got the Bronze Star with combat “V,” he replied that he got it for “saving lives up in Baghdad.” He went on to say he saved three of his troops and his “staff sergeant from killing his own self.” 

He then tells the Marines he can’t give them further details about what happened.

“I don’t know if y’all kids have been over there,” he said. “But over there … it’s classified — it’s a good story.”

When one of the Marines asked him what the Army uniform regulation code was, the man replied, “Do my best, do my duty to serve my country.”

“That’s the uniform regulation?” one of the Marines replied. “Are you sure it’s not AR 670–1?”

When one of the Marines accuses the man of stolen valor, he tells them to get out of his face because he’s a military policeman. When they ask to see his badge, he replies that it’s in his car.

“I ain’t fake,” the man tells the Marines.

Once it becomes apparent the Marines aren’t going to let up with questions about his service claims, the man walks off to his car.

Florida-based NBC affiliate WPTV reported that the man identified himself as 44-year-old Cornelius Davis. He told the station he was angry about the video that was posted on social media.

A spokesperson for the Army told WPTV that there is no record of a Cornelius Davis with the date of birth he provided having served in the Army since 1999. The spokesperson also said the items on the uniform are not correct and “don’t make sense.”


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  2. Fakers – Cowards – like this make me want to punch somebody in the face. Him. Him in the face. Multiple times. Fucking Coward.

  3. I don’t care which branch you are in if you impersonate one from the military you should be force to live a month like them and not get paid then taken to jail.

  4. Disgusting! We truly have our soldiers fighting and they don’t get rewarded, but this fool gets attention! !! Put him down ..GodBless our Heroes ♥

  5. I never did the Military…wasn’t my thing….went to college and pledged…and if ANYONE claimed to be a part of an organization…and couldn’t prove it???…*automatic beatdown!*…and for those that front to be something that they’re not to represent Brothers and Sisters who have given their lives??…words cannot describe the shame that I feel…

  6. Nicholas Hall on

    It sickens me that a man will display such blatant disregard for the men and women who have given their lives for this country, by trying to fake his way into being a “hero”!!! My fellow marines did the right thing calling him out on his BS and letting the world know!!!! Hoorah

  7. Fake ass bitch…. It’s obvious that anyone that has done any kind of time in the military can tell that the dude is a piece of shit and a lying ass bitch. Damn, I wished I would have been there for this …… Punk ass fake fucker!!

  8. Doug Crawford on

    Not sure if this buys any sympathy, but my guess is he’s 10-96. koo koo. Bi polar? IF NOT, he should be in jail.

  9. I am retired Navy with 21 1/2 years of all active duty and I have never in my whole career of the military have I heard where you where your medals, and ribbons at the same time. When you wear your medals you only wear the ribbons on the right side of your chest that has no medal for that particular one. Then you wear your medals o the left side of your chest. Certainly not all on the same side like that imposter was. Those marines should have asked for an ID card, that would have solved the whole situation.

  10. Susan Johnson on

    What a f’ing jerk. Please arrest this phoney. How very disrespectful to all of the men and women that have and are currently serving in our Armed Forces. This is the lowest form of scum possible and he disgusts me to no end.

  11. And isn’t it great that congress rescinded the ‘Stolen Valor Act’ because anyone who wants to be mitary can be, even if they have never set foot on a military installation to actually serve? I may have been in the Chair Force, but at least I actually served.

  12. Angela Bustamante on

    I’m glad those Marines called that fake out. It’s a good thing they got the license plate. I hope that scumbag is in jail. What a disgrace to all those selfless and brave enough to “truly” serve this country. Semper Fi Devil Dogs! Go and get some more fakes! The fact that he called those Marines “kids” made me want to vomit!

  13. My husband is a marine currently serving his second tour overseas and stuff like this disgusts me. These men and women work their asses off for our freedom and this guy has the nerve to act like he’s done something even remotely close to those in uniform. I have a son who constantly calls out for daddy EVERY SINGLE DAY. This angers me and thank God for these marines who called him out.
    Thank you to the ACTUAL men and women in uniform who bust their asses on a daily basis. Thank you to the families of these men and women who live day-to-day waiting for that phone call, letter, etc.

    -damn proud marine wife <3

  14. People like him are so pathetic. I have to give it to the Marines, I don’t think I would be able to restrain my self from beating this guys ass!!!!


  15. My Dad was a Marine…I am very proud of him, what he did, what he sacrificed. The rest of his life he conducted himself per the training he had….the experience. His lived a very honorable man all of his life and he attributed that to being a real Marine. Outstanding! To the other Marines on this site….you have my respect.

  16. Truly sad to see. If he wants recognition that bad, then maybe he should enlist, and go defend this country.

    U.S.M.C. Veteran

  17. Good job Marines!

    Even the Marine knew the Army Reg for Wear and Appearance of Uniforms and Insignia.

    Damn coward!

    Good thing it was a funeral or he would have gotten his ass handed to him.


    SFC (Retired)

    U.S. Army

  18. What a scum bag. They should have called the MP’s or local police.. I probably would have helped him remove all those unauthorized medals. Good that they got his license number and of himself…

  19. Holy cow, I am a marine vet and proud of it. These idiots who do stuff like this pisses me off. Well done you two, ty from my heart. Psfox lcpl usmc

  20. Marine Mom Mary on

    This makes me sick that a man is out in the world running a scam about his Military life while my son and others are for real. He needs to be called out again

  21. What a shame. And to do it at a funeral. I don’t PT bc I’m an officer, lol. He would have been better to just say that he had a medical chit. I understand that not everyone can do what we, veterans, active duty, retirees do…… But, it is an HONOR to those to wear a uniform for this country. We go by a code….. It’s very simple. We served. Not, we fake served.

  22. actual Infantryman on

    So hes an mp that wears a blue cord, and CIB with an infantry officers’ crossed rifles on his collar, all sorts of jacked up ribbons, jacked up medals, and sorely out of place qualifications badge….God DAMN this dude should be locked up for his mental state in the first place and not even aloud to be in contact with other people who have 2 and 3 digit IQ and GT scores…

  23. Charles Watts on

    To all the Marines and civilians that disagree with this, so do I. I have had the privilege to serve next to the greatest heroes of this generation; though I am far from being one myself. But somehow I feel that a large majority of you are incorrect as well with some of your comments. I personally know true humble war heroes, those being Navy Cross Recipients Brian Blonder and Justin Lehew, and Silver Star recipient Franklin Simmons, and instead of wasting time bagging on someone over the internet who is faking it, they would at most become disappointed and hope the best for that man. To the Marines who actually confronted him, good job, but to the individuals who speak negatively from the sidelines over an internet forum, I think maybe self-control might be wanting in you as much as this individual.



  24. I know if I dress up like a police officer I will go to jail. Why can’t we have a law that does the same to those who claim to be in the armed forces.To the Marines that saw this coward, next time beat his ass up and post it so there’s no more second time.

  25. Jack Spencer (@jack31961) on

    Bronze Star is displayed before Silver, and its under ribbons. What else do you need to know?

  26. Ron Martinez on

    Nice catch Marines! The person using the U.S. Army uniform totally incorrect should be ashamed. The person used a combination of enlisted and officer insignia and rank, decorations and qualifications. Want to wear the uniform, join up and earn it.

    SFC, U.S. Army Retired

  27. I was not in the military, but do know that the crossed infantry rifles on his lapel is for officers only, enlisted have a different type. Good for the Marines who confronted him. Not Halloween yet, buddy……

  28. Jonathan Jewett on

    Personally, this Lima Delta deserves a whole lot of mandatory wall-to-wall counseling. Christ, his uniform is more ate up than a soup sandwich.

    PFC, U.S. Army Veteran (11B)

  29. This would make a good Comedy Central skit. It’s terrible what he did, but it was so bogus and crazy one had to wonder if this guy has a mental disability or is seriously challenged, If so that’s sad.

    If not and he’s just posing for attention then he deserves a swift kick in the fifth point of contact.

  30. Thanks to those Marines. For all the intra service joking, I’m happy to see them stick up for their army brothers. And I’m very impressed with their knowledge of army regulations and uniforms.. Just too bad they were so nice to the idiot.

  31. Richard Thompson on

    These Marines held their tempers more than I would have. They should have written down his tag number and reported him.

  32. R Schumacher on

    OMG, laziest, most blatant fake ever! Forget the most obvious things cited above (proving pretty much EVERYone is more detail oriented than this guy), but busted in an Army uniform by 2 Marines — poetic justice. Kudos, Oorah, & Semper Fi, Marines!!! The rank (and not a unit crest) on his beret was a nice touch. Saying he did 26 years with 15 years worth of service stripes on his sleeves…sweet — not to mention how great he looks for someone about 44. I particularly like how his Purple Heart (oh, my bad…Oak Leaf Cluster; sorry, make that 2 PHs) was in the lowest order-of-precedence position on his ribbon bars. Wow, just wow. I hope you both receive some form of recognition by your respective chains of command for doing something most people refuse to do these days. I’m proud to have you as brothers in arms, who aren’t afraid to call BS on one the most deserving criminals running around.

    1SG (Ret), US Army

  33. He should have more respect for the men and woman that have earned the right to wear and display the uniforms. I have never served in the military, but I respect and want to say thank you for all of your service. My take is that he is attending a family members funeral and is ashamed to let the rest of the family see where he is in life. He buys the uniform, metals and ribbons, but honor cannot be bought. Thank All Of You and your families.

  34. Another one bites the dust! I may not have been in long but at least I did my part (somewhat lol), this guy though..the hell..? : you could tell right out of the gate he was lying! SgtMajLtCol.Synpes had a hard time putting together a coherent sentence..

  35. fucking coward bitch, those Devil Dogs handled themselves OUTSTANDINGLY, But I would not have been able to compose myself as they did.

  36. charles Cameron on

    I’ve been reading everyone’s responses about this “lost” individual. True, he’s in violation of Federal Law, should be “taught a lesson”. He’s trying to be something he’s not.

    But take this in thought. He obviously is a “wanna be” to the point of living a lie. In his mind, he’s doing no wrong, while doing wrong. I think, listening to the audio part of the video, he’s not working with a “full deck”, but, in his way is reaching out as a child would so others can “watch me daddy” & pay attention to him…validating his existence. It’s sad, he has obviously been mentally abused when he was growing up, & now he’s acting in this way.

    I have dealt with people with “mental problems” on many levels, for many years. They are afraid of being put away and ignored. Maybe that’s this man’s problem.

    He needs to be dealt with firmly, honestly, shown the fallacy of his actions…showing him how he could get badly hurt by someone who might not show restraint. These Marines showed wisdom towards him.

    I’m not saying “let it slide”…but…

    Also, did you notice he wore his “uniform” @ a funeral, & in a neat & orderly manner…even if it was incorrect ?

  37. Bill Smrekar on

    This man claims to be a SM when his infintary lapel insignia is for a CO not NCO and he had his beret on wrong…..sloppy and totally out of unform and he is too young to be a SGTMJR

  38. Comment #46, You sound like a spoon fed liberal democrat that takes your freedom for granted on the backs of those who served and offered our lives for our country and the very freedom you take for granted every morning when you open your eyes. May god have mercy on your soul for being a coward.

    Thank you to those Marines for calling out the imposter. He should go to jail… Leavenworth, KS!

    USA (Ret) HHC, 1BDE, 3ID, Schweinfurt, GE

  39. Manuel R Villarreal on

    Its sad to see somebody impersonate a Sgt Major or anybody else for that matter! I hate to admit but I’ve met one of those wannabes during my military career. My question has always been,” why don’t you join then?” Kinda makes you mad and you feel sorry for them at the save time!

  40. To “Fuck all you people…”

    It is quite obvious that you have never served your country nor protected it’s interests or it’s citizen’s.

    If you had, you would know why everyone that has served is so upset. When you have a friend or one of your Marines die in your arms in combat, you will never be the same. Everyone on this blog, except for yourself, of course, is willing to give everything they have for this country. They are out there sacrificing everything, life and limb, so people like you can sit here and talk down to them. If I was you, I would take a look in the mirror. As the saying goes, “if you cannot stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them…..” (in combat).

    Marines -I am proud of you for calling this guy out. It’s what Marines do…….the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons’. I am proud to serve along side of you.

    Semper Fidelis….

  41. Kate the sailor on

    Have to agree with the comment about asking for his ID card. That would have called bullshit on him in a heartbeat. You don’t go anywhere without that.

  42. This story to me dose not ad up. I do not be leave it. To many holes in this story. Take it from me I’m a retired Col. From the US Army. This story just is a bunch of BS if you ask me.

  43. All of the US military is a bunch of pansy metrosexuals whining all the time about their sacrifices while they collect their government paychecks. Buncha sissies worried about their little outfits.

  44. Johnny Law…… The sexiest thing in the world to me, is seeing a Marine in his dress blues. There is absolutely NOTHING metrosexual about that. And I am prior Navy, lol. Have you ever been to a military funeral? 21 gun salute? Probably not. Such a sombering, beautiful and sad thing to hear and watch. think it’s cute that you attack the military through an Internet forum. People like you don’t have what it takes to be in a military branch. You have to have heart, and courage. The only courage I see coming from you, is the courage to express your opinion on the internet. Bravo Zulu. You are amazing!

  45. He should be punished severely, men and women have lost their lives while in service, then you have this guy who’s a poser who doesn’t know the true meaning of wearing a uniform, what it represents to the person who does and to their families. Such a shame.

  46. TheOccasionalAtheist on

    “Apparent” Faker? No, obvious Faker! POS wannabe is a shameless, pathetic and immature bastard.

    No SFC would be 8up like this poe!

    Thank you Marines, for calling him out!

  47. While I never served, I am the product of a military officer. Make no mistake about it, if I were in those two marines shoes I would have not only called him out on it I would have kicked his arse all the way back to where he says he came from. OOHRAH and Sempter FI to those two marines for standing up and doing the right thing.

  48. After 23 years in the navy…active duty and reserves I give my Marine brothers so much credit and total respect for not losing their cool…That piece of shit needs to be keel hauled & then thrown to the dogs….

  49. Blake Berrins on

    I absolutely agree with Charles Cameron and it breaks my heart that the comments here have shown little to no empathy for someone who obviously is ill in the head and it’s pretty ironic that instead of following the example set by the Marines in the video where they tried to educate the man without being abusive, many of those leaving comments are the very types I would hate to see serving my country because of the lack of empathy they are displaying which takes much more courage than the ability to be an asshole towards someone they do not agree with.

  50. What a knucklehead. Just one look at the uniform and anyone in the military can tell he’s a fake. No SGM would look like that, even the worst ones at least have their alignments correct. Shame!

  51. You Marines impressed this veteran greatly with your non-violent, destruction of this fake and obvious knowledge the Army uniform. Way to go and thank you for calling him out. Semper Fi.

  52. Sad as if he has some sort of mental condition. It is funny when someone like this is approached that we can find holes in there stories of glory and wonder why people think it is something glorious. We usually earn medals for things that we had to do to survive and recognized for something we wish we could lie to rest as far as the pain. Just my two cents. God bless our people in the forces!

  53. Well, just proves … if you’re going to lie … lie big.

    Never served in the military, and don’t have any military in my family, but even I can look at the uniform and tell it doesn’t look right.

  54. It is absolutely sad, disgraceful and completely disrespectful to those amazing men and women serving the USA. My brother has now retired from the army after serving 25 years for this country. I cried every time he left home to serve. I have several friends who still serve and for this jackass pretend that he can do what my friends and family have given their life for angers me. He should be taken on a tour to see what its like, without pay (because he doesn’t deserve that respect) and then thrown into prison.
    It’s so sad that there are people in this world that would take gratitude for something that they dont have the balls to do.
    Thank you to those amazing men and women for keeping us safe and sheltered.

  55. Anyone who has ever served in the military could spot this dumb fuck a long way off. As soon as this coward opened his mouth it was apparent he was choking on a ball sack.

    DC2 / USN

  56. Michael Reynolds on

    This guy is pure fake. He has the ribbons in the wrong order; you are not allowed to wear ribbons and medals together; he is wearing the wrong branch insignia for a military policeman on the uniform. It is against the law to impersonate a military person. He should be arrested and prosecuted. Total fake!!!!

  57. Mr. Berrins, you are correct on one point. The two Marines that confronted the fake soldier, did show proper restraint while in uniform. I would venture however, that their reaction would likely have been markedly different, had they been in civilian attire and not at a Military funeral. The remainder of your comment is no less disrespectful (to those who have, their families, and even those who have not served in any branch of the Military) than any other comments on this subject. You see, we ALL have the right to comment as we see fit. Remember that little document called the Bill of Rights that guarantees freedom of speech? The same one, along with the Constitution that I spent over 22 years defending. Of course you have that same right. However, I am allowed to disagree with your comments, as you are to mine. But don’t denigrate them for expressing their feelings and or opinions because they enjoy the same rights that you and I do. As to your assertion of a lack of empathy. You obviously did not read them all. There were several that showed empathy along with a little “tough love”. I strongly disagree with you lack of concern for the conduct of the “fake Soldier”. It was a brazen attempt to insinuate himself into a position he did not earn and surely does not deserve, regardless of his mental state. This attitude is not only inappropriate it is one of the reasons this Nation is in the trouble it is currently facing. The “it’s not my fault, _______ made me do it” mind set that has gone on for so long, where few will actually take responsibility for their improper actions. This failure to own up to ones mistakes has cost us dearly and I fear will get worse before we finally put our foot down and say “that is enough”. One last point. You said “types I would hate to see serving my country because of the lack of empathy they are displaying”. What do you know of being in a fire fight and not knowing who the bad guys are, and who aren’t? Do you show empathy for those firing at you or even someone standing beside them? I will tell you that, empathy on the battle field or in the heat of battle is very scarce indeed, and I am glad for it. Otherwise, we would be facing an order of magnitude increase in deaths and injuries among you Military personnel. I am proud of the two Marines as well as those who stand up for what is right and call a spade a spade and do not worry so much about a little bluster I may read. If being an ass keeps them alive, be an ass.

  58. Dayna Ferguson on

    I was in the Air Force as an officer in the 80’s and I still remember that the uniform regulation is AFI 36-2903. Eve. My 15 year old step-son knows that you don’t wear medals and ribbons at the same time. This fake doesn’t even know the difference between e listed and officer rank. He needs to go to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

  59. Blake Berrins on

    Jim Wyatt, what makes me sad is there are A LOT of great servicemen/women out there but, often times, they are the silent ones or the soft-spoken ones who so deeply gave of themselves to serve their country, so deeply, that they understand what it REALLY means to sacrifice themselves and can take a look at those that they risked their lives for and say, “You may not know what I did and you may not ever understand how I felt doing it, but I did it for you and even though you show me disrespect, I recognize that that freedom is what I fought for and although I do not condone your behavior and I even frown upon it, I am sorry for you and I hope that one day you will understand what I did and can honor that.” But instead, their personas are made up of the following kinds of comments that you can read right here:


    “make me want to punch somebody in the face. Him. Him in the face. Multiple times.”

    “Put him down”

    “*automatic beatdown!*”

    “I don’t think I would be able to restrain my self from beating this guys ass!!!”

    “he would have gotten his ass handed to him.”

    “next time beat his ass up and post it so there’s no more second time.”

    “he deserves a swift kick in the fifth point of contact.”

    “I would have kicked his arse all the way back to where he says he came from.”

    “if you cannot stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them…..”

    “needs to be keel hauled & then thrown to the dogs”

    These are the types of people who I cannot say I am proud to have serving for me because to wish this on someone for making a shamefully embarrassing mistake shows where their heads are and I worry about why they served in the first place.

  60. Timothy Price on

    It could have been cleared up with one ?. Let me see your military ID not a MP badge not a bunch of medals and ribbons your military ID……

  61. Arthur Teschke on

    I would love to shake those marines hands. Thank you. If I were there I would probably hit him with my cane. Plus I don’t remember anyone being aloud to wear a gold tooth.

  62. Dayna Ferguson on

    Blake Berrins, did you serve your country? Not all of the people commenting have served but they are outraged by the blatent recklessness of this fake. It is obvious that this was not just an “embarassing mistake”. This man took the time to buy all the items on his costume (I am loath to call what he was wearing a uniform as he is so obviously a fake). Too bad he didn’t bother doing some research before so he wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. I DID serve and so did my dad and both of my sons (as well as numerous other family members). I totally understand how all of these people feel. They fought and some died only to have someone like this jerk trying to get undeserved recognition. My son won’t talk about some of the horrors he saw in Iraq but he would’ve been in that guy’s face too. I say, Good work Marines! I hope that fraud in brought to justice and made an example for others who would spit on the sanctity of the profession.

  63. Blake Berrins on

    Dayna Ferguson, my father served in Vietnam and I can tell you that there are MANY that deserve respect but there are also MANY that deserve to be locked up themselves. I am not saying what the guy did was right but I am more concerned by the immediate desire to physically harm someone — even kill — for it. That kind of thinking is not the thinking of someone who understands the reality and cost of death. My father and his friends who also served in Vietnam saw the good and bad of the military and I can tell you right now, this person’s behavior is not one of the things that would make them talk about what they did because if this was all they had ever had to see that was wrong, they would not be so affected by their experiences.

  64. MSG Magee Retired on

    I have served in the United States Army over 27 years and this is totally a disgrace. I have always displayed the Army Seven Corp Values as a professional Military. This have made me wonder about the safety and the care of our soldiers on these Military bases. As a retired soldier, I still have remained truth to my country, flag, and soldiers. I have been in many combat zone and seen many falling soldiers come home in body bags and this the thanks they get…for real…I hope and pray this disgraceful person be brought to justice.

  65. I served 4 years in the navy – two deployments to the gulf – I’ve been out for 13 years, and crap like this just pisses me off more and more. It makes it very hard to think Christian thoughts. But I’m sure God will recognize those who have made sacrifices, especially the ultimate sacrifice. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:13 Those that pretend to have made similar sacrifices are truly sad individuals.

  66. MSG Magee Retired on

    The soldiers who brought this to Military attention should be rewarded for be alert and knowing there Military duties. I do “SALUTE” with the upmost respect…I see someone was paying attention to all the Military training and setting the standards…great job and keep up the outstanding Military skills…”ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT” Hoorah!!!!

  67. The stolen valor act was ruled unconstitutional, unfortunately. He cannot be charged with anything other than being a douche.

  68. As a former military wife, is disgusting see so many people impersonating soldiers. I have a question if the video was viral in social media, there’s a way to identify this man, and press charges on him?

  69. Seems To Me They Ought To Take This Young Man To Afganistan and Let Him Serve a Tour Or Two There .. May be he Would Then Know The Pride It Takes To Honorable Wear That Uniform.. I My Self Am A Vietnam Vet And Am Proud of my Service and Proud of Our Men And Woman That Fight Our Wars For Us.. One Day He Will Not Run Into Two Marines That Just Ask Him Questions But Who Will Take Him Apart At The Seams………..

  70. At 5:37, one of them does ask for his “CAC” card, which does refer to a military ID card, also known as a CAC, or Common Access Card. I’m a former Sailor with 4 years active service and I’m giving a major Bravo Zulu to both of those Marines, especially the one who asked that specific question. Good on them both!

  71. Technically isn’t what he doing illegal? I mean… in a specific sense, 10 USC, Subtitle A, Part II, Chapter 45, Sections 771, and 772 make all the exceptions for civilians eligibility for wearing a military uniform. The one part this might fall under is, and I quote;

    “(f) While portraying a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, an actor in a theatrical or motion-picture production may wear the uniform of that armed force if the portrayal does not tend to discredit that armed force.”

    Though it looks like (a) the wrong time of year to be halloween, and this obviously does not look like a theater…

    There is also Army Regulation 670-1, paragraph 1-4 states:

    “d. In accordance with chapter 45, section 771, title 10, United States Code (10 USC 771), no person except a member of the U.S. Army may wear the uniform, or a distinctive part of the uniform of the U.S. Army unless otherwise authorized by law. Additionally, no person except a member of the U.S. Army may wear a uniform, any part of which is similar to a distinctive part of the U.S. Army uniform. This includes the distinctive uniforms and uniform items listed in paragraph 1–12 of this regulation. Paragraph 1–12 goes on to define “Distinctive uniforms and uniform items:”

    a. The following uniform items are distinctive and will not be sold to or worn by unauthorized personnel:

    (1) All Army headgear, when worn with insignia.

    (2) Badges and tabs (identification, marksmanship, combat, and special skill).

    (3) Uniform buttons (U.S. Army or Corps of Engineers).

    (4) Decorations, service medals, service and training ribbons, and other awards and their appurtenances.

    (5) Insignia of any design or color that the Army has adopted.”

    So yes, by law what this man is doing IS illegal. Another thing, who the hell makes Sergeant Major so young? One more thing, keep up to date with your current Sergeant Majors. The current Sergeant Major of the Army is Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III.

    The quotes I used for this are located at:

  72. what scum i am 16 and want to be military you could easily tell he was a fake even i knew it medals an ribbons are never worn at the same time an he could not produce his business card which every battalion sergeant should be able to

  73. The Cub Scout Promise:

    I promise to do my best

    To do my duty to God and my country,

    To help other people, and

    To obey the Law of the Pack.

    Good job outing this fraud, Marines. I hope he hasn’t been collecting funds for some nonsense charity. If so, he might get prosecuted, but, even then won’t likely go to jail. Unfortunately, when the Supreme Court struck down the Stolen Valor Act I, it held that merely lying about one’s military service was not a crime and was protected speech under the First Amendment. But that didn’t stop you Marines from using your rights to free speech to call them out. Good on yas.

    Semper Fi.

    Former Sgt. USMC,

    3/7, Vietnam 1967-68

  74. dave rakisits (Sgt. U.S.M.C. retired) on

    Wrap him up as a poser!!! Charge him unmercifully and send him to jail! Knew a few who never made it, many broken and all with scars. Valor is sacred! An earned honor!

  75. I don” t what reasons got that kookoo bastard to disgrace a military uniform ,I was a staff sargeant and finish my carrer at 12 years of service and never saw a douchbag doing something stupid like that..thanks for those marines to show the world how a piece of shit make fun of one of our uniforms

  76. Cpl. Punishment on

    It was painful to watch. The guy is obviously ill. That doesn’t excuse anything, but it was just plan sad.

  77. “And isn’t it great that congress rescinded the ‘Stolen Valor Act'”


    It wasn’t rescinded by congress. The original Stolen Valor act was struck down by the Supreme Court.

  78. My wife showed this video to me a couple of days ago. I seriously thought it was a joke or someone attempting to make a TV Series or movie and didn’t consult with the Army about the proper wear and appearance of the Class A uniform. As Soldiers and former Soldiers, we automatically start analyzing the wear and appearance of the uniform (ACUs/Class As) on TV and in the movies. The were right to call this dude out.

  79. Mikel W. Dawson, SGM (Ret) on

    I really wish I’d been there. That scumbag had officer brass with SGM stripes. Marines were right, don’t wear ribbons and medals the same time. His uniform was 11 up, 3 down, all 8 up!! I’d have ripped the SGM stripes from the uniform!

  80. I would like to thank these Marines for watching out and confronting this jerk. This imposter should serve jail time.

  81. Ken Akehurst on

    He should be punished by going through army or marine boot camp then sent to jail for 6/12 moths cause that is just messed up I was active duty navy for 5 years and that uniform is an absolute disgrace and kudos to the marines for not just wailing on him cause that’s what he really deserves

  82. Thuan Wright on

    very sad, one look at his uniform and in the first 30 second of conversation, Smith conduct /behavor would have told me he is a fake. Thanks Marines!

  83. Ernestine G. Rogers on

    I believe that he is not the only one that is not in the military , they are many people that are going to funerals and on social media to get grieving men and woman. I wish I could find out how to go about filing charges on these crocket people! Thanks for this video to share with my friends. Thanks again!

  84. He’s either a total fake or an idiot. He’s enlisted and wearing officer branch insignia on his lapel. Two distinguished service crosses … I don’t think so. All his ribbons are out of their proper sequence.


    SO, I HOPE YOU GOT TO HIM THAT HE DOES NOT TRY THAT AGAIN YOU WOULD THINK THAT A TRUE SgtMaj. he would have had the right answers. The way he displaced his medals was a shame.

  86. oh leave him alone, heck he might of thought is was holloween, get a crib, its not that bad guys. been there done that and it sucked, but please dont over do it. get a crip.

  87. Steve Snyder on

    As a retired Army Officer, “Semper Fi” Marines. Damn good job calling him out. He looked like shit, I would never were that shabby uniform. Thank you and salute.

  88. I really dont think it is news worthly, come on now. so what, he isnt what he says he is, maybe sick or maybe last week he acted out as a cop, dont see the cops saying the things you all are. they put there lives on the line also. just my opinion

  89. mike florence on

    Linsten to you all CSM want to be’s, hell you all propley wouldnt of been able to tell the difference, other then on the computer, beat yea….

  90. What I don’t get is why people don’t give up their first class seats on a plane or stop in their tracks and thank people who are teachers, nurses, volunteers at the American Red Cross, etc.? I understand why this is considered disrespectful to those in uniform but to act like it is the lowest form of disrespect — more than anyone else who isn’t in the military — really is overstating one’s own self-importance.

  91. Wow ..I would have choked him with my bare hands then make him eat those medals. Those marines have more self control than I. I served the army and have the utmost respect for these marines for standing up and calling this guy out. Nice one asking the regs.

  92. Good job calling him out. I was Navy 07-11 and other than this post I don’t even mention it most of the time. Most people never have any idea I was in the military and I honestly don’t care about or expect any recognition but I makes my blood boil to see a fake who’s never served walking around in uniform claiming to be a hero. If he’s an officer then he’s the most jacked up officer I’ve ever seen and needs to go back to the Academy. Ribbons and medals at the same time is a huge red flag and so is no ID card. Not to mention claiming to be airborne, special forces, AND military police.. What an impressive resume. This guy belongs in jail.

  93. My youngest son enlisted in the Marines in 1990 hoping to go to Iraq during the beginning of the Iraq War. He graduate Boot Camp soon enough because the war ended. He was sent to Somalia and said it was the dirtiest and most filthy Country he has ever seen. He left Somalia with a souvenir called Malaria. He was on the Marine Competitive Pistol Team during his last two years and left a Corporal. He left after four years to finish College. He got his Degree and is a CPA. He did come down with the Malaria he was exposed to in Somalia. He did take four friends to enlist and after Boot Camp had qualified for his first stripe upon graduation as a reward for bringing in his friends. Hopefully, the Military will investigate the imposter and exact the proper penalty. I think the two real Marines got his name and even his license number on his Mercedes.

  94. I knew he was a fake because I wasn’t scared for my life while he was talking. That shit is like Sergeant Major school day 1. (Day 0 is “El Paso and you”)I’ve been out of the Army for years and if someone yelled “At ease” I would still jump out of my chair.

  95. What a POS! He disrespects every military person active and retired. He would have been better off trying to

    impersonate “Wesley Snipes” on Sunset Blvd!

  96. Big big fake, but unfortunately the US Supreme court ruled this is freedom of speech unless he was profiting from it. Just not right.

  97. I’m pretty sure it is against the law to wear a silver star or bronze star if you did not rate it. I know some people who just tell everyone that they were in the Army and unfortunately it’s not against the law 🙁

  98. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There should be a legal uniform for ‘military enthusiasts’ to go buy and wear in public to show their support.

  99. To those saying the Marines should have asked to see his ID card…they did. They asked to see his CAC card. That’s what many of us refer to as an ID card today. They asked twice. Just FYI

  100. Wow. Not only a faker, but didn’t even have enough respect for the uniform to do any research. Way to go, calling him out. What a flipping douche. Wants to talk the talk, but does not want to walk the walk. Very disturbing.

  101. Russell Copeland on

    This man is obviously not a Sargeant Major nor likely even a true soldier, past or present. The authorities should prosecute him to the fullest extent possible. He defames the true Herod whom proudly serve and deserve our thanks.

  102. Lori Burrows on

    The ironic thing here is everyone who is commenting and crying foul and are saying this misguided individual deserves to be punished or beat down or whatever are disrespecting the sacrifice our military has made to protect the very freedom that allows this man to be a douche bag. And, yes, everyone has the freedom to be angry and express that anger through hate and desire to physically harm this man but, again, the very freedom that is protected by our military does not include the right to beat someone up because you don’t like the way they are being. And based on the level of emotion I am seeing here over some ignorant person being disrespectful because he is pretending to be something he is not, I am wondering how much more angry people are being because he is of color.

  103. Tyrone Flagler on

    This is a disgrace and should never be tolerated. The Marines in this Video did a good job of keeping their cool and exposing this Individual.

    USN Retired

  104. Harold Resnick on

    My god. What a complete and utter disgrace. I do not serve in the military, but every time I see this video, the madder it makes me. I have to give credit to the 2 guys grilling the fraud, as it must have taken a lot of self-control not to beat the crap out of this disgrace of a human being. I really got a kick out of their comment to him at the end of the video:”A real Sergeant Major would not just walk away” Too true. I hope that there are serious ramifications for this guy.

  105. I’m not a soldier I’m just a civilian but why would you do this I’m confused,has he the need to have people give him fake praise for self gratification this guy is sick you guys are mad I understand though guys have lost they’re life’s that’s no joke bro

  106. Ben Garrison on

    Do these douchebags not realize that the normal productive people of society with real careers don’t give a fuck if somebody cosplays as a lowly muslim murdering troop?

  107. A firefighter on

    #149……. Go Fuck Yourself. You’re moron just like the idiot inappropriately wearing a uniform reserved for those that have served their country. I say again, go fuck yourself.

  108. Blue Bubblez on

    If you are going to be a poser at least do a bit of research. Do not get me wrong I do not support people who do this but if you are going to do some thing do it right.

  109. 149, honestly what the hell. Are you actively trolling? Is that how you get your jollies? Do you go around to different sites and try and figure out “How can I annoy people more? What words can I say to fill that little void in my life with their anger?” Here are people who honestly feel hurt because someone is inaccurately claiming they served in our armed forces and you say “cosplays as a lowly muslim murdering troop”. Forget any one who ever pretended to be any one, you are the worst kind of person. Honestly, I don’t dislike you, I don’t feel anger towards you, I feel only pity. Pity that someone’s life is so devoid of meaning that their only joy can come at mildly upsetting someone else.

  110. As Chief Legal Officer for the 1st Marine Div Assn I come across these sick impostors often. The laws basically will only punish those who try to make a profit by their impersonation and fraud on us all. The best way to stop this in your community is to get the story published in a local news paper and on local TV. That usually will run the jerk out of town but he will probably & sadly pop up somewhere else. The confronting Marines should get a Meritorious Mast for doing their Patriotic Duty here. [USMC Ret 1958-1986, OORAH!]

  111. Retired AF 1st Sgt Hipp on

    Hey 149, have you been an uneducated ignorant fucktard your entire life or did you just wake up stupid one morning and forget to pull your head out of your worthless anti military radical muslim loving ass?

  112. My favorite is #85 because I have a brother who has served in Iraq and has seen A LOT and he tells me all the time about how after what he has seen, he is not bothered at all by this kind of behavior because there are far worse things someone could do and he would settle for this any day over the egregiousness that he saw overseas.

  113. I don’t understand what is going on here. What the man is doing is not smart but he isn’t doing anything illegal unless he is doing it to get money or benefits, which would be fraud, but being disrespectful isn’t illegal. It’s everyone’s right to be angry, true, but the man legally should not get any punishment because it isn’t illegal what he is doing.

  114. only ate up Marines would confront somebody like that. Who cares! so hes a fake, hes not bothering anybody.Not like he showed up on the battlefield acting like a soldier.
    Those two Marines need to get a life.

  115. Hooah. You Marines did a more civil job than I would have. This piece of shit needs have those medals torn off that jacket which is what would have happened and when cops got there we could have delt with his federal violations in that excuse for uniform

  116. Correct me if I’m wrong, but our soldiers go across seas to fight for people who have limited to no freedoms while protecting our own freedoms. Then they come back here say someone should pretty much be destroyed and stripped of freedom for his choice of clothing? All we know of this man is this video. Clearly he’s going through some personal battles like everyone else is. We don’t know him or his life story and in this small 3 minute clip of his otherwise long life he didn’t show any signs of inflicting pain or restricting anyone else’s right to choice. Get to know him before you cast him aside.

  117. SGT Dan Wall (Retired) on

    He’s wearing (SGM) Sergeant Major stripes but claims to be a CSM Command Sergeant Major, which has a wreath around the Star. The cross rifles on his chest belongs on an Officer’s uniform and not an enlisted uniform. His badges were out of order. His medals were scattered and not in order. He didn’t know that AR 670-1. He claimed to be an officer, but his rank says Enlisted. He didn’t have any good reason for any of his badges/awards.

    A senior ranking Non Commissioned Officer should be able quote the AR 670-1, yet he didn’t know what it was.


  118. PO1 B. Schmidt (Retired) on

    USN/Marine Corps Values: Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Honor: These two Marines definitely honored their comrades-in-arms by confronting this imposter. Courage: It took courage to confront them at a funeral full his family members, friends, etc. Commitment: They are definitely committed to the Corps and the United States Armed services.

    I was very impressed that they knew Army regulations even though they are in the Corps. MAJOR KUDOs to these two Marines. They are definitely intelligent and courageous!!!!! They represented the actual Military extremely well. The imposter didn’t stand a chance!!!!!

  119. Well done Marines. They weren’t disrespectful at all in their questioning and I didn’t hear any profanity or yelling. They identified him an impostor and did not inhibit his departure in any way. Called him out and let him go. Again, thanks and nice job defending the honor of those who truly have served.

  120. People like the guy in uniform and never served have a mental disorder. I spent 20 yrs in the Navy my first year I was in Vietnam. every ribbon and medal I have I earned. I have been retired for 25 years and still carry my ID. the marines should have detained him and turned him over to local authorities. There should have been criminal charges brought against him. It burns my butt to see learning disabled individuals trying to be something they are not. An Officer would never be in an enlisted uniform. Ribbons with out metals on the right when wearing medals. The person should have been held until the police could take him to the appropriate places where the mentally incompetent are looked after. The go to trial and let him be a hero in the prison he is assigned to. there are people who did well in the armed services that are no incarcerated. They could show him the respect he thinks he needs by beating him down.

  121. Chris Swanberg on

    Mr. Wyatt,

    The Marines were not in uniform. It was clear that they were in civilian clothes. Yet they sill exercised great composure in dealing with this idiot.

  122. Chris Swanberg on

    BigMama, #121, You are probably not familiar with the Army uniform regulations. This person was not a soldier. He claimed to be an officer and an MP and yet he didn’t have identification, any idea about how to wear the uniform. And he wore the wrong insignia for who and what he claimed to be. These Marines knew the way uniforms are to be worn and questioned him. He was exposed for being the imposter he is. He is very fortunate that the Marines didn’t get physical with him. To the untrained eye, you may have thought he was areal army person, but to those who know, they can pick a fake out instantly. And he didn’t know what a person in his “position” should know.



    Enough said.

  124. Pieter Casteleyn on

    Hey all,we have the same problem in Belgium,They all want to be combat veterans and paratroopers… W.t.f… They should pick them up and send them to battel for a week… In Belgium They put one Guy in cel for that… Cunts They are
    Pieter Casteleyn R74155

  125. first off (MarineO), saying fuck all of you, when I read a lot of them comments, they were on the side of the marines!! and then there is (mando levas) your opinion sucks!!!! its about pride for the uniform and military!! I had a smg get relieved of command, then the army found out he falsified collage records. yeah!!! and (jon jon) comment 157!!!! I’m not a Marine, I m a soldier, but they did the right thing, I don’t think I could have held my composer like they did. and no they don’t need to get a life, you do. its called PRIDE you dumbass!!!!!!

  126. What a piece of shit!
    Not surprising though.
    I know a kid (Actually he’s a SSG in the USAFR) at HARB that claims he used to be a Marine to.

    Did some checking on him. Piece of shit was never in the Corps. Needless to say…not surprising. This asshole SGM should be given two choices: have your bitch ass kicked all over that parking lot or serve 5-10 in prison.

  127. Geeez, whatta turd. He didn’t line up his medals!! You can fool some people some of the time but never all the people all the time.

    A Vietnam Vet

    SSgt. USMC

  128. What the fuck do you mean by “apparent” faker? Don’t you mean “obvious” faker? This guy is wearing NCO rank on his beret, medals mixed with ribbons, he doesn’t know what any of his medals are, he can’t be 30 yet he’s wearing SGM rank, and he doesn’t know what AR 670-1 is. I would have tore this guy apart.

  129. In my mind the first thing that gave him away was the improper wearing of the beret. A “Real SGM” would look a lot sharper than this individual and the improper wearing of the awards that’s a dead give a way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. “We can talk about it behind that van” LMAO. I don’t think he wanted to go behind the van. Most excellent that he was outed and so many people get to see it.

  131. It is my hope that this disgrace to our brave men and women actually in the military will be caught and tried to the fullest extent of the law. Perhaps a fitting punishment would be to dump him in the middle of Palestine in his phoney uniform and let them education him a bit.

  132. As my marine buddy(#178) Thom Keach said “disgraceful to our brave men and women” in uniform. Thanks Marines for calling him out.

  133. reading these comments, as I look at my son’s memorial flag saddens me on so many levels. that individuals seek and need societies approval and are so driven that they falsify themselves and our Military. That individuals do not recognize the Military and what we stand for as Americans: my grand father, great uncles, uncles, father, brothers, cousins, and my own son all served. If not for those whom gave their lives/ served in WWI and WWII and we would not have the right to comment against our own country. That is what they did for you, they gave you the Freedom to speak out, even as misguided as it is.

    I gave my son he died proudly standing up for your rights.

    Care to walk in my shoes?

    I pray you never do.

    Once a Marine always a Marine is my son’s motto. OOORAH.

  134. They did ask for his I.D. card when they asked for his CAC card. From DOD’s website:

    “The CAC, a “smart” card about the size of a credit card, is the standard identification for active duty uniformed service personnel, Selected Reserve, DoD civilian employees, and eligible contractor personnel. It is also the principal card used to enable physical access to buildings and controlled spaces, and it provides access to DoD computer networks and systems.”

    Echoing comments above, this guy is obviously a fake. I hate to run into posers, but because I work with a state agency that offers benefits to veterans, unfortunately I do. The good news is it’s always easy to deconstruct their lies, whether it be “my DD214 is classified” or one of my favorites “I was a SSG(P) 18A Special Forces Ranger”.

  135. In civys wile on “funeral detail”? Lol, i dont think so. Those jarines r eitha just as fake as the “sgtm” or the jarines r mor pusified than the real army funeral details, lol. They shud b the last ones tryin 2 call anybody out on bein impostas, nice try tho, lol.

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