Video: Duck commander needs to become a Marine drill instructor


A Russian farmer caught on video commanding a bunch of ducks to get in line and follow him into a barn might make the most effective Marine drill instructor ever.

The video shows a man emerging from his barn, shirtless. He then crouches down, screams, and gets an entire flock of ducks into line in seconds before leading them into a barn.

Total time: 30 seconds.


If he can lead waterfowl like that, imagine what he could do with recruits. Compare the king of the ducks to new recruits at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

It takes three Marines more than five minutes to get a couple busloads of recruits into a building.


Granted, the ducks might be a bit more manageable than recruits.


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  1. What I don’t understand is why I can clearly hear the sonar being projected from inside the barn to help guide the ducks and yet it seems that wasn’t noticed. Not the mans voice really…learned behavior with the sonar. Prolly finished with a feeding and the man was added for video effect. Not to worry Marine times…Marine D.I.s are still the best at herding…unless we can teach recruits to respond to sonar pings.

  2. @Tyler: Nope, you can’t hear sonar or anything else being “projected” to control the ducks. Sonar frequencies are far outside the range of human hearing. What you hear is an artifact of a poor audio recording system. The ducks are “imprinted” on the man’s shouting.

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