Girl at shopping mall kicks JROTC’s member’s butt in pushup contest


Update: This post originally identified the male as a Marine. Upon further inspection, the uniform is not consistent with Corps regulations, but those of the Marine JROTC program. The girl in the video, Kaylyn Mintz, is headed to tryouts for the Junior Olympics team. That, at least, would explain how she cranked out so many push-ups.

Losing can be tough on the psyche, but losing in front of a crowd in a shopping mall must be brutal.

One JROTC cadet is likely licking his wounds after getting trounced by a sandal-wearing opponent in a push-up contest at a mall.

“She won! She won!” the crowd screams after Kaylyn Mintz tires after around 84 push-ups. The guy, who has her well out-sized, quit after around 54 (at least that’s how many were captured on the video).


“Oh my God!” the Marine exclaimed as she keeps going after he tired. Other cadets and the crowd cheered her on, and a few laughed at the unexpected outcome of a slender young woman outperforming her bigger, uniformed competitor.

This took place at the Independence Mall in Wilmington, N.C. at a Stand At Attention charity competition organized by Active Heroes, a charity that raises money for military families.

Maybe their different performances are due to their push-up techniques. The cadet kept his hands positioned close to his sides and just under his shoulders. It looks like he didn’t always return to the full upright position, and he sometimes appeared to bend backwards from the hip, similar to the cobra pose in yoga. Kaylyn didn’t descend entirely to the deck during her push-ups, so completing a push-up isn’t as hard. Also, she changed up her hand position allowing different muscles to lift her up and lessen fatigue.

Granted, the Marine Corps doesn’t have a physical training test that details the nitty-gritty requirements of an “official” push-up.

Maybe the difference is due to their footwear? Maybe flip-flops have secret push-up power that can’t be found in boots.


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  1. yup, JROTC 1) its desert’s season 2) they are sleves up in greens 3) we are not allowed in public in cammies 4) the Black female has a pony tail not a proper bun. and so on and so on

  2. Who cares if it is ROTC?! It’s a cute fun video! You all have nothing better to do than to bash kids? Really? I think the girl rocked it and it is nice to see a good, fun video go viral.

  3. For lose of you wrapped around this sleeves up and woodland thing, Not all of us are boots. Secondly I agree this is no Marine.

  4. Devil dogs you have to admit this is pretty phenomenal. Okay, so her competitor isn’t a Marine, but I’m sure we can all agree she’d give a “real” Marine a run for his/ her money any day of the week… push ups. She’s young, energetic, strong, competitive and doesn’t give up…Semper Fi, sign her up!

  5. Who cares if it is JROTC!? I myself am a cadet in the program. They both did an exceptional job at doing push ups. They do not deserve to be hounded or disrespected. At least they put forth the effort to doing a push up in front of a crowd for an event.

  6. Parris Island she will not be going to Camp Lejeune. ROTC not Marine. They need to change the caption on this video. Plus she’s doing the push ups wrong. They are not being disrespected. It’s a title that “Cadet” did not earn. If he goes to boot camp and graduates from ass in the grass recruit to Marine then he’s a Marine.. that’s why people are saying he’s not a Marine because he’s not. Went to Thunderbird i know which is which and i’m in the delayed entry program for the Marine corps.

  7. Good for her, and yes it is a HS JROTC Cadet, to those who said she is doing them wrong, she is actually doing the push-ups more correct then he is, near the end he is all jacked up. Outstanding by both of them!

  8. People say that they wouldn’t count her push-ups? Hers were alot better than his: all the way down, all the way up, body moving as one unit in a solid line. His were not even close. This kid deserves some respect.

  9. Once, while on active duty, we Marines went to a local grade school and held a field meet with them.. One young guy, about 9 yrs old, skinny, little guy… did 25 pull ups…then one of the Marines pointed out he was doing them wrong.. with his hands facing away instead of towards him.. He changed positions and did another 25… then hung by one arm to rest each, then knocked off another 20. Amazing little fart. And these were clean pull ups… chin over the bar.. All we could do was laugh.

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