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Marine Corps Times is one of several publications that covers the all-too-common phenomenon in which random wannabes pretend to be Marines. Here’s a twist, though: Military records show the late Golden Girl Bea Arthur was one of the first female Marines ever — even though she denied it. The Smoking Gun published the scoop yesterday, reporting that records show Arthur enlisted at 21 in 1943. The records also show she had a colorful background to say the least. She died last year at 86. From The Smoking Gun: As part of the enlistment process, Arthur underwent interviews that resulted in the production of…

See that drill instructor in the photograph? That’s the sight of a squared-away Marine, inspecting recruits in March just before their boot camp graduation. It’s an image that screams discipline, toughness, fortitude. It’s no surprise, then, that NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” has called on the Marine Corps to provide some motivation in tonight’s episode. The show will air at 8 p.m. Based on a preview posted on Monsters and Critics, it isn’t all that clear which part of the Corps has been called on for the job. In any event, prepare for lots of screaming, crying and, hopefully, a happy ending.

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